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Popular nails 2022: fashionable nail design ideas for any taste

Not all nail design ideas that nail stylists demonstrate at Fashion Weeks can be realized in real life. So, let's find out what nail designs are offered to us by the manicure masters in 2021?

Popular nail design ideas for 2022

And it doesn't matter at all whether you are a fan of classic and traditional French design or you are an adherent of a non-trivial new-fashioned direction of nail design. We have new fashion ideas for you for every taste.

Nude nails 2022

Stylists suggest diversifying nude nails with hand-painted drawings, stickers, colored tips, etc. This nail design will look original in 2022.

Metallic nails 2022

There is hardly a trend in nail design that is as relevant as metallic. Thin gold stripes and shiny stars, foil, and glitter, varnishes in gold and silver colors - all this gives a fashionable manicure a festive look even in gray everyday life.

New style French

French this year continues to be modernized. The most relevant options: micro French (ideal manicure for short nails), colored French nails, and a French manicure with a non-standard smile.

Rainbow nails

Why choose just one nail polish when you can get a multi-colored finish? You can choose shades for a vertical gradient or make all the marigolds in different colors - the main thing is that the shades are combined.

Flower nail designs 2022

With the onset of summer and autumn, flower manicure comes to the fore. In the new season, painted flowers will be the simplest. But choose realistic sliders.

Pastel nails 2022

Delicate and soft pastel shades will traditionally be popular in 2021. The most relevant tones are pink, gray, lavender, and nude.

Ombre nails 2022

Gradient nail design is always an original and beautiful manicure. The traditional version with overflows of shades within the same color has not lost its relevance, but if you want something new, pay attention to the bright multicolor versions and gradient manicure with a pattern.

Lettering on nails

Uncomplicated, but no less spectacular manicure with words on the nails in a newfangled solution - have you tried it yet? Then what are you waiting for? Trendy nails 2021 are decorated with various inscriptions - from declarations of love on nails to slogans and mottos. Try similar inscriptions on your nails, using various nail motifs in tandem, for example, ombre or rub. It will be very cool! And such fashionable nails look very stylish.

Trendy manicure with foil

If you do not want a lot of shine, then choose a foil in a transfer form, which can be neutral tones for fashionable nails 2021. Multicolored rainbow foil, crumpled foil, decal, and many more - all this makes the novelties of nail art with foil irresistible and so impressive.

Pixie Crystal nails 2022

Amazing pixie crystals will delight lovers of glamor and luxury on their fingers. The trendy nails with pixie crystal chips that allow it to cover the entire plate will look great. Such a trendy manicure 2021 is ideal for an evening solution. You can create a top-end nail design with pixie crystals by combining it with “smiles” and holes, gradient, confetti.

Matte nails 2022

Matte nails add mystery and extraordinary to the image. Fashionable matte nails in neon shades will be trendy in 2021, as well as intense deep tones. Trends in matte nail design 2021- complement it with rhinestones and broths, create geometry or "negative space".

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