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Flower nail designs 2021: cute and stylish design ideas with flowers

There is seasonality in manicure, like in makeup, clothes and hairstyle. For example, dark deep tones are ideal for the autumn-winter period, but bright and juicy colors are suitable for the summer option. Ideas for winter nails 2021 are diverse: nails with snowflakes, Christmas trees, sparkles, rhinestones, etc. Options for summer nails are nails with flowers, leaves, fruits, vegetables, insects, etc.

Let's talk about flower nail designs 2021. They are relevant not only for spring-summer nail designs but also in winter. But, in this case, colors are chosen muted, non-flashy. You can see flower designs on the nails of fashionistas. There are many methods and techniques for applying flower nail designs to your nails. For newcomers to the nail industry, it is best to start with stickers that can be "revived" with a thin brush.

You can paint different flowers on your nails, but the most popular among young girls are tulips, daisies, daffodils and an olive twig. Adult women over 40 or 50 choose roses, peonies, irises, lilacs. You can decorate your nails with a variety of flowers, for example, at the beginning of spring, nail artists are most often asked to depict a sprig of cherry or sakura blossoms. Poppies, tulips and daffodils will also gain popularity in 2021.


Poppies on nails

Beautiful red spring flowers on nails look cute and elegant. Red poppies are usually depicted in nude or white. Less often, a floral pattern is applied to a dark base.

Nails with daffodils

Spring flowers on the nails of an adult woman or a young girl look amazing, regardless of the shape and length of the nails. Daffodils are painted with a stem on the ring or middle fingers. The background is usually white, but the flower itself and other nails are yellow.

Nails with tulips

Red, purple, yellow tulips on nails look very elegant. This flower is usually depicted using the minimalist style. Stickers depicting tulips are used rarely. The tulip flower design is suitable for an everyday manicure, as well as for holiday nails.

Nails with roses

Roses on nails are a classic that will never go out of style. Only the technique of drawing a picture is changing. It is usually done with watercolor techniques and stickers. Both options look elegant and sophisticated. This floral design is expensive but unique and unrepeatable.


Nails with chamomile

The delicate floral design on the nails is chamomile. You can paint them with a brush or use a metal stick. With its help, you can decorate nails in a stylish point technique.

Nails with daisies

Floral manicure with daisies is a stylish idea for wedding nails because these small flowers are harmoniously combined with a french manicure and white clothes. It is also a symbol of tenderness and fragility that are typical for brides.

Nails with irises

For a while, irises were unpopular, but now they deservedly regain universal respect and attention both on clothes and in nail designs. The watercolor technique will be popular for creating nails with irises, with which you can depict iris or implement other ideas for floral design. If you looking for a nail salon in Glendale to polish your nails and have a charming nail design, look no further, contact Nail Bar USA.

Mimosa, cherry, sakura

A sprig of mimosa on the nails is a delicate floral spring design that will definitely appeal to women and girls. The base under the pattern should be nude, milky or white.

Sprig of olive

Another stylish design for nails 2021 is a black olive sprig. The drawing looks harmoniously on any shade of gel polish: both bright and pastel.

Spring manicure with wildflowers

Chamomiles, dandelions, cornflowers - these are all wildflowers that are perfect for fall nails 2021. They can be drawn by hand, or you can choose small stickers that are located along the edge of the nail plate, like a french manicure, or over the entire area of the nail.

To make nails with flowers and look modern, you should apply Feng Shui drawings. Sometimes flowers are combined with rhinestones on the nails. The stones are glued to the center. You can use kamifubiki glitter or foil. The result is a stylish and festive design!

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