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Top fashion trends and tendencies for fall nails 2021

The autumn period is a time of bright colors and rich shades, the beauty of which sometimes surprises and mesmerizes. Changes in seasons are reflected not only in fashion trends but, in particular, in nail art. Wonderful nails for fall, first of all, differ in the palette of colors, as well as in stylistic directions.

Super fashionable autumn manicure is impossible without images. Diverse leaves, twigs, animals in the form of foxes and owls, water droplets will become a must-have of autumn 2021.

Chocolate, brown, coffee and caramel overflows of manicure will add warmth and coziness to your fall nails. Autumn nails with orange, red and green nail colors will add brightness and vitality to your look.

In this article, you have the opportunity to find impressive trends of fall nails 2021, which captivates and delights with its beauty and simplicity at the same time.

Stunning palettes for fall nails 2021

A superb shade of manicure is no less important in nail art than the type of nail design itself. Bordeaux, wine, purple, chocolate, gold and silver, blue and emerald colors will be trendy in autumn 2021. A beautiful shade will help you succeed by performing a flawless monochrome fall manicure, which will be no less beautiful than nails with decor.

Purple fall nails

The autumn manicure with purple varnish is incomparable and luxurious. Whether matte, gradient or solid, purple fall manicure deserves your attention. The purple tone will add mystery and attractiveness to the autumn nails 2021.

Autumn green nails

Emerald, pear, khaki and other tones of greenery will delight the eye in the performance of a wonderful autumn manicure, which gives energy and vitality. Be sure to diversify the green autumn manicure with twig patterns or gradient nail designs for fall 2021, which looks exquisite.

Fall nail trends 2021

Trendy autumn manicure is determined to a greater extent by the technique used for its execution. In order to make charming autumn nails 2021, you need to combine several techniques to create an extraordinary nail design. We have considered the best examples of fall nail designs for 2021.


Breathtaking Autumn Gradient on Nails

An attractive ombre manicure is not difficult to perform, but experts created new ideas for performing an autumn manicure with a color gradient - these are ombre stripes in a different direction of the gradient in one design, as well as a vertical, horizontal and diagonal gradient. In addition, shimmering powder is also used in the autumn ombre manicure, which creates an imitation of marmalade on the nails. This autumn ombre design will be at the peak of popularity in 2021.

Autumn nails in the style of "air flowers"

All the tenderness of flowers on the nails will be conveyed by the air flower technique, which creates translucent and weightless images of flowers. Autumn manicure with airy patterns looks amazing and unobtrusive. It is worth performing a similar pattern on one of the fingers, and also, if desired, decorate another fingernail with golden sparkles, which will ultimately allow you to get a newfangled autumn nail art.


Artistic painting in autumn nail art

Autumn seasonal patterns are mostly done in the style of painting with brushes. In addition to the usual images from leaves to animals, you can create whole canvases in the form of pictures of city landscapes, girls' faces, as well as 3D patterns on fingers in 2021. Complex prints are created by pros in several stages and require a painstaking approach, but the result will surprise everyone with the unsurpassed autumn nail design.

Autumn color block manicure

The non-trivial autumn manicure "color block" attracts with its simplicity and showiness. The multi-colored figures in different shapes look bold and funny. Choose stylish burgundy, blue or green tones, as well as white, and decorate several fingers with them by adding a matte top. Beautiful autumn nails 2021 is ready!



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