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Top inspirational and bold nail trends 2021

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Well-groomed nails with beautiful manicure combined with the latest nail trends are a must-have for a stylish look. Fashion gurus have already provided the most complete information about what will be stylish and fashionable. Let’s talk about nail trends 2021 in detail.

Fashionable new nail trends 2021

Bare nails

Fashionable nails without labor and cost: this is the motto of the Dior and Vera Wang brands in 2021. Nails look natural and well-groomed covered with a thin layer of top. Well, if you want to add a twist to the manicure, you can varnish one of the nails or just add a thin white stripe on the side, as was done in Proenza Schouler fashion show.

Polka dots nails

The trendy polka dot manicure design is a cute and fun trend. Even black and white dots add playfulness and coquetry to the image. If instead of varnish you use beads and line them up in the shape of a crescent, you will get a lovely and delicate manicure. Rixo and Simone Rocha have used this trend in their fashion shows.

Gold glitter nails

Gold and everything that glitters is in vogue in 2021. Naeem Khan suggests covering all nails with gold glitter varnish, Preen uses gold foil to partially cover the nails, and Halpern uses pink glitter varnish for a moon manicure.

Nails with attractive pictures

The fashionable nails in the fashion shows from Rodarte, Rag & Bone and Christian Cowan remind about the works of abstractionists. With a creative mind of Mei Kawajiri, such fancifully decorated nails have become not only a means of self-expression but also an opportunity to demonstrate the flight of imagination and skill of nail art stylists.


Ombre nails 2021

Ombre nails adorned the marigolds of Charlotte Knowles at the last Fashion Week. The nail artists offered both soft transitions from colored varnish to white or milky shades, as well as a gradient in bright contrasting colors.

Red wine nails

Even if you prefer other hues, do not neglect red wine: burgundy, raspberry, reddish-brown, these are the most fashionable nail colors of 2021. These hues inspired Monse, Rodarte and Roland Mouret. The basic trend is classic monophonic, a combination with black or silver on one or two nails. Magenta in the red palette is the favorite of the year. Painting in red on one nail is especially honored.

Shades of blue

The Panton Institute announced classic blue as the main color of 2021. The abundance of blue shades on the podium is simply amazing! Beautiful manicure in blue and light blue was demonstrated by the brands Chromat and Halpern. Designers have chosen rich turquoise, cornflower blue and indigo. Both the combination of all of them in the form of a drawing and the use of one with the attraction of a silver shade of glitter are welcomed.


Green nails 2021

Juicy and rich shades of green color will become even more popular if you use a varnish with a glossy effect. Marble patterns, cracking, stylish decors of a golden hue, geometric patterns with a sugar effect of an identical shade look incredibly stylish with green nails.

Fashionable shape and length of nails

Fashionable manicure for short nails will still be popular in 2021. As well as the soft square shape nails, invariably loved by fashionistas all over the world. Long nails will also be relevant, especially long almonds and ballerina. Sharp stilettos are gaining popularity: this is an option for fans of nail extension.


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