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New Year nails 2022: fashionable trends to expect in 2022

New Year is the most long-awaited and extraordinary holiday. And the beautiful Christmas and New Year nail designs 2022 will exquisitely emphasize your evening dress, as well as tell about your character or your plans. A selection of photos of New Year nail art will help you navigate which style or direction to choose for New Year nails 2022.

New Years nail designs 2022

Let's find out what New Year nail art design ideas will be in vogue.

New Year nail art with jewelry

Bulky jewelry imitating precious stones is one of the main hits of New Year nails 2022. And if in ordinary life we, as a rule, limit ourselves to modest artificial stones on one or two nails, then on New Year's Eve we can use them to the maximum. Let the "diamonds" and "emeralds" on your nails echo the glow of the Christmas tree.

New Year nail art with jewelry

New Year nail art 2022 with snowflakes

New Year's manicure with snowflakes cheers up and adds playfulness to your look. Try painting snowflakes on your nails, no matter what polish color you prefer. As you can see in the photo, New Year's snowflake nail designs can include different shades of varnish.


New Years nail ideas with Christmas tree

Pictures on nails in the form of Christmas tree decorations, garlands, etc. can be a great idea for a New Year's manicure. You can decorate not only your Christmas tree with bright balls but also transform your New Year's nail design. Experiment with the colors and shapes of your Christmas tree decorations and get inspired by our ideas.

New Years nail ideas with Christmas tree

New Year French nails 2022

You can easily transform your favorite French manicure into a New Year's theme. New Year's design of french nails disposes to create delightful thematic drawings.


Blue New Year nails 2022

Blue manicure fits perfectly into the winter theme, associated with frosty patterns. To do this, you can combine the blue color of the nail polish with white or silver, drawing themed designs on the nails.

Check out our blog post about winter nail designs.


Christmas and New Year nail designs with snowmen

Lovely snowmen, along with snowflakes, convey a sense of celebration and great mood. New Year's nail designs 2022 with snowmen are guaranteed to attract attention and will not go unnoticed.


Black New Year nail art 2022

The severity of black manicure, ideally combined with gold, will help you create a luxurious nail design for New Year 2022. You can combine black varnish with silver and white varnishes for more effective options.


New Year's Eve nail designs 2022 with glitter

Celebration of the New Year is always accompanied by an abundance of twinkling garlands and glitter of tinsel. New Year's nail design with glitter helps to maintain this mood. A glitter manicure is always relevant and looks festive.


New Year nail colors 2022: what color to choose for New Year’s nail design?

Traditionally, several bright colors such as coniferous green, ice blue, juicy red are considered appropriate for New Year 2022.

In addition to them, you can use warm colors from a creamy-beige range.

Snow-white is unlikely to lose its relevance since any nail art looks most impressive on a white background.

You can also complement all these colors with brilliant accents. By the way, the symbol of 2022 is the White Metallic Tiger, so you should definitely use any shades of metallic - silver, copper, rose gold in New Year's makeup and manicure. In addition, white and all shades of gray promise good luck in the New Year: take note when preparing a festive nail design 2022! Ideas for a beautiful New Year's manicure in different colors are presented in our photo gallery.


The best photos of New Year's nail designs 2022

And finally, we share the best ideas for New Year's nail design ideas, which we have collected especially for you.




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