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Glitter nails 2021: fabulous ideas to wear glitter nails

Real beauties know many secrets that allow them to be irresistible in any situation, and these include fashionable glitter manicure, which will make the look solemn and charming. Lovers of chic and glamour, as well as adherents of restrained minimalism, will be interested in new ideas for fashionable glitter nails 2021.

Among the charming fashion trends of glitter manicure, you will meet the design of short and long nails with sequins, in the shape of an oval, a soft square, and an almond shape. If recently many glitter nail designs were suitable exclusively for the holiday and for the evening look, today everything has changed dramatically. Every single type of glitter manicure in 2021 deserves your attention, from the shiny geometry manicure to the minimalism with glitter on the nails.


A fashionable technique in the design of French manicure was tested by nail artists with sparkles on the tips of the nails. Such a brilliant French looks very elegant and cute, allowing you to easily complete a festive bow with the help of the French manicure in a new design. You can also complement the usual French with beautiful sparkles, creating the desired shiny accent on a couple of marigolds.


It is not always as easy as it may seem to make a glitter manicure in a delicate design, but nail art masters have the perfect solution - glitter nail design is a fashionable manicure with stretching sparkles or, in other words, a gradient manicure with sparkles. Using small sparkling elements on the nails, you will get a beautiful nail design, both for an important event and for every day.



Fresh trends in manicure with a pattern quite often gravitate towards geometry, which is proposed not just by new complex prints, but also by the shiny decor, which will allow you to safely wear a geometric manicure with sparkles for a solemn bow.


Foil is one of the main decorative elements in fashionable manicure today. Undoubted favorites will be trendy nail designs with sequins in the form of transfer foil, irregular pieces, as well as cute kamifubuki-hearts, stars, rhombuses or circles. You can create a beautiful sparkling accent on a couple of nails by using these elements on the nails.


Another favorite glitter nail design for fashionistas is an abstract manicure. Most often, abstract designs are a combination of geometry, gradient, and fashionable decor, which allows you to get a unique and beautiful nail design. Decorate your abstract nail designs with foil glitter.


An exciting glitter manicure is presented in a marble design with a glitter addition. The unique marble design of the glitter manicure will adorn long nails, such a glitter manicure in black looks especially gorgeous, giving a touch of mystery to your look.


The masters propose to implement a delicate manicure with sparkles in a matte style using sparkles. A more contrasting nail design in a dark color with sparkles will be appropriate for the evening look, but a matte nude or beige finish can be safely used for a fashionable manicure with sparkles for every day, delicate kamifubuki will also be excellent.


The most spectacular and intriguing glitter manicure style is presented in black. Mysterious black nail designs can be realized with glitter and velvet finish. A black French manicure with shiny nail tips looks very gorgeous. You can also pick up a stylish black manicure with "negative space", complementing it with sparkling kamifubuki.


It would seem that it is impossible to combine sparkles and minimalism, but the top professional masters demonstrate this in practice. The perfect minimalist manicure with delicate sparkles is ideal for lovers of restraint and brevity. Choose a delicate base for your nails by sprinkling it with small pieces of foil or tiny crystals for a very cute, minimalist glitter manicure.


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