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Black nail designs 2021: chic design ideas for black nails

It is difficult to imagine a more elegant, effective and stylish manicure than black nail designs. Designers use this color in a variety of nail designs. In 2021, the trend will be both a laconic design with black varnish and all kinds of effects. Let's know more about black nail designs 2021!

Black nail designs 2021: beautiful nails in black color

Black nail designs have no seasonal restrictions. Dark nails fit perfectly into office bows, everyday or evening. The masters also offer many options for youth design.

For trendy two-tone nail art, as well as for various techniques, black will be used with such current shades, as cream; pale blue; lemon; white; pastel and neon pink; yellow. Silver shades and gold will effectively complement the dark manicure.

The matte finish will be at the peak of popularity. Dark shades work especially well with a velvety effect. Matte black finish will look marvelous with nude shades, decorated with patterns or stamping. It will also be possible to combine glossy and matte finishes in one design.

Black gel polish can highlight the tip of the nail in a fashionable French manicure, make patterns on accent nails, add inscriptions, etc. The following black nail designs 2021 will be popular:

  • geometry;

  • prints;

  • negative space;

  • highlighting holes;

  • decoration with stones,

  • kamifubuki;

  • strips, foil prints;

  • "broken glass";

  • marble effect;

  • drawings.

One of the main trends will be the combination of a black shade with nude tones: beige, cream, soft peach. Black nail art will go well with both short and long nails. Square nails, as well as almond-shaped and oval nails, will also be fashionable. If you looking for a professional nail salon in Burbank and nail salon Glendale, follow the link to know more about our Nail Bar!



Patterns of natural stones will remain relevant in 2021. They will be combined with different types of decor. Drawings repeating patterns of mica, turquoise and other stones will be fashionable. One of the top ones will be the marble effect. This pattern, combined with the black finish, will create a chic evening manicure.


Black gel polish is the best choice for geometric patterns in a manicure. It can be complemented with pastel or nude shades. Dark rhombuses, triangles and stripes on beige, pale cream or powdery pink shades will look expressive. Black can be combined with bright colors such as red or green. Geometric patterns will look luxurious if supplemented with glitter.


Lettering on the nails is a fashionable trend that will be actively used in 2021. Words, phrases, congratulations, slogans can be written on long and short nails. Unusual nail art can be done by complementing the dark matte finish with the effect of "broken glass" made of colored foil, on which the inscriptions will be made in black varnish. The design is minimalistic and stylish.


The gradient technique remains at the top of the most popular. Stretching the color using black and bright contrasting shades will help create a cool design. Dark gel polish can be combined with pastel shades, as well as neon shades: yellow, green.

Not only the classic ombre technique will be fashionable, but also linear. With this gradient, the boundaries between shades should be clear: they don't need to be anti-aliased to create a smooth effect.


Designers recommend performing origami, delicate patterns or laconic drawings on an elegant dark surface in 2021. Graceful drawings are made in black on a light coating.

It is better to choose thin branches with leaves for a luxurious evening manicure. Also relevant are abstract patterns, characters, animals that will fit into everyday or youth images.

Use fashionable combinations of black with the following shades for a manicure with drawings: beige; powdery pink; gray; white. Graphic designs can be decorated with glitter. Black combined with gold is a luxurious manicure.


Light, bright and shiny blotches perfectly dilute the dark coating and make the manicure more stylish and effective. Nail artists presented black nail art, complemented by bright strokes of different colors, light stripes - thin and graceful, as well as thick and massive. These decorative elements will be used both in tandem and separately.


Cobweb will be one of the main trends in 2021. It will be performed on a black background using white varnish or other light colors. Since black looks great with silver, the gossamer glitter will be a hit in 2021. This design looks great on long almond-shaped nails. Also, you can find out more about cuticle care rules, just follow the link!

Black French nails with a white cobweb will be one of the best ideas for office style. Such a manicure is suitable not only for long nails but also for medium lengths.

Black nail polish is a great base for black nail designs 2021. Dark nail art looks incredibly stylish and fits well with bows of different colors. Interesting ideas, fashion trends in manicure can be seen in the photos of works shown by famous masters.

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