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10 awesome short nail trends 2021 for fashionistas

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Today, a beautiful manicure is no longer part of only an evening or wedding look, a stylish manicure has long become a necessity, without which a woman can no longer imagine herself. Short nails are considered practical and not boring for women who follow fashion. It's easy to find a really beautiful design for short nails 2021 because there are many ideas but to find a worthwhile, universal, original manicure design for short nails, you have to look through a bunch of examples.

Short nail trends 2021: creative design ideas

Despite the fact that short nails don't have a large surface area, they provide an ample field of activity. All the most important trends in manicure are possible and necessary to try on short nails. We will tell you how to quickly and easily diversify your manicure. So look through the best short nail trends 2021.

Colored French on short nails

If the classic French is boring, a thin colored stripe at the nail tip will transform your favorite French on short nails. Such a design does not require additional decorations; it's quite stunning and original.

Multicolored short nails

You can safely paint your short nails in diverse flamboyant colors. It may not even be one color palette, but completely different contrasting colors. In this variant, short multi-colored nails look chic in a matte finish.



Leopard short nails 2021

The fashionable leopard print looks quite decent and delicate even on short nails. It's better to focus on several marigolds with a predatory pattern, and in the most unusual design option, for example, a leopard stripe.

Short nails with abstract nail art

The main feature of abstract manicure is its uniqueness and originality because it is sometimes impossible to get an identical design from the picture because of the technique of execution. An abstract manicure can be performed on all nails, and it won't seem pretentious and clumsy.

Short neon nails

The brightest acid shades with neon pigments on short nails look unforgettable. Combined designs for short nails with neon hues work better with geometry style.

Metallic short nails

Use varnishes with a metallic effect. They quickly chip off at the tips on long nails, but on short ones, they live a little longer. Today, all variants of a metallic manicure are in vogue: draw silver stripes on the nails, try a mirror or chrome manicure, decorate nails with foil. Or just paint a bright silver strip on your nails.

Graffiti short nails 2021

Nail art, reminiscent of graffiti or abstract works by Jackson Pollock, is easy to create. Paint your nails with a base varnish (for example, milky), it's better if the coating turns out to be dense, not translucent. Then, using a manicure brush or orange stick, paint on the nails multi-colored stains, "smudges" and lines.

Multilayer manicure

A multilayer manicure, in which one color of the varnish is applied over another, but doesn't entirely overlap it, looks very magnificent and unusual. The easiest way to create it on soft square nails, you can take the moon manicure scheme as a basis.

Short nails with funny drawings

It's better to decorate long nails with intricate patterns, but small drawings will look appealing and sumptuous on short nails. Choose the ones that are easy to create yourself. An original and simple option is to decorate your nails with a pattern of scrambled eggs. Paint the nail tip with a thick white varnish, wait until it dries properly. Then put yellow lacquer dots that will mimic the yolks. Try funny faces, images of fruit, marbled effect or bright geometric shapes. Find your perfect fit!


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