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10 game-changing nail tips for those who can't paint their nails

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Even those who are used to doing their own manicure have to face difficulties. How to avoid difficulties? Find out 10 helpful tips for those who can’t paint their nails, which will help you get your nails done quickly and easily at home.

Nails painting tips and tricks

Thin layers

One of the secrets to creating a neat manicure is applying thin layers of nail polish. It would seem that there is nothing special, but it is precisely excess usage of varnish often serves to have an ugly manicure. Several thin layers dry much faster than one thick one. So this technique is also useful for the safety of manicure.

Protective barrier

Beauty bloggers have found a way to easily remove nail polish marks from the cuticle. You need to smear the skin around the nail with cosmetic Vaseline with a cotton swab. After that, if the hand trembles and the brush with varnish stain the skin, you won't have to use acetone. The stain can be removed from the skin along with the Vaseline orange stick. By the way, there is another version of the protective barrier against varnish marks. You can also apply some liquid glue to the skin surrounding your nail. After a while, it will dry out and turn into a film that can be easily removed from the skin, along with the spots from the varnish.

Work on bugs

There are other options for fixing manicure mistakes. First, you can wrap a piece of cotton wool around the beveled tip of an orange stick, moisten it with nail polish remover and use it to wipe off any stains. Secondly, nail pros recommend removing varnish from the skin with a thin eyeliner brush. It will be able to get to hard-to-reach places, for example, in the pits on the border of the nail and skin.


Oiled varnish

There is nothing easier than correcting the situation when, through negligence, the varnish is slightly smeared on a freshly painted nail. This life hack seems strange but really helps: you need to run your tongue several times over the place where the varnish has smeared. The unevenness formed on the nail will immediately be smoothed out, and the manicure will be saved. Follow the link to know about bold nail trends 2021.

Nail Stickers

If the relationship with varnishes doesn't add up at all, even from this situation there is a worthy way out: stickers for nails. This is almost the same varnish, only dry, in the form of a film that needs to be glued to the nails. Stickers are produced in sets, inside there are films of different sizes, suitable for each nail. You can trim them yourself so that the stickers match the shape of your nails.

Unedged manicure

Try an unedged manicure. The first two or three times it will seem that the manicure is not done neatly. But then you will be surprised that the cuticle hardly grows, the nails always look neat, and the manicure should be done twice less often. Manufacturers are trying to make modern nail polish removers gentle and even useful for nails, adding various oils to the composition. Remember, if you paint your nails after using them, you will need a special tool to degrease the nail plate. Otherwise, the varnish will not last even for several days.

More useful tips for painting nails

Do not shake the varnish, but rub it between your palms. This will prevent air bubbles from forming in it.

If you're right-handed, paint on your right hand first and then your left. If left-handed, try vice versa.

After you have applied the first coat of varnish, wait a minute and apply the second layer. During this time, the first layer will set, but will not harden. Adhesion to the second layer will occur and the coating will last longer.

Buy a cheap eyeliner brush. Soaked in nail polish remover, it is easy to adjust the coating with it, without fear of smearing everything.

Use base, color and topcoat of the same brand. So the manicure will last longer.


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