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Winter nails 2021: amazing winter nail design trends

The winter season 2021 has prepared many interesting new trends that will look amazingly beautiful on nails of any length. The trend is shiny textures, volumetric nail art, designs with meaning (slogans, logos), nail art with foil, glitter, etc.

Each season has its own color schemes and ideas for decor. As for winter nail art, cold tones prevail here, such as gray, pink, mint, lilac. The entire palette of pastel shades is also relevant in 2021. Along with muted tones, deep dark colors are also popular.

The winter season is characterized by the use of a large amount of glitter, sparkles and other iridescent textures. The popularity of glitter is largely due to the fact that it goes well with both pastel and rich dark color palettes. For winter nail art, a few strokes of glitter will not be superfluous. Let's see what fashionable winter nails 2021 are in vogue and what interesting ideas offer nail artists!


Black manicure with gold

Black color in winter manicure is a classic. Gold makes black nails 2021 noble and expensive. Various materials can be used to resemble gold color. It can be rubbing, foil, stickers, sequins, stripes. In general, all the golden design attributes that a master can have in his arsenal. The combination of black and gold is a magical fusion of colors. This type of manicure is suitable for both everyday life and holidays. Also, find out more about summer nails 2021, just follow the link!

Contrast manicure

Quite an interesting manicure option - a contrasting manicure. And this is not only the standard combination of black and white. There can be a lot of options here. For example, these are red and black, blue and yellow, burgundy and pale pink. Also, glitters are perfect for a contrasting manicure, which can be applied in a dense layer on one nail. The basic rule in contrasting manicure is that you can take a dark saturated and some kind of light pale color. And this way you can combine your favorite colors in one manicure. If you also want to make a design on such a manicure, then choose the smallest one. The manicure will not look overloaded.

Transitional manicure

A manicure with transition colors is a very light and beautiful option. For such a manicure, it is better to use two shades of a similar varnish color. Don't confuse this with a gradient. In the transitional manicure, the nail is completely covered with one color. Some make a transition on all nails, from dark to light. And you can make several transitions, for example, ring finger in light tints, the rest are equally darker. A transitional manicure looks very neat, especially when done in pastel shades.

Beautiful nails with stars

The stars will be in vogue in winter nails 2021. The execution of the stars can be presented in any version. These can be stars painted with sequins or paints, as well as stickers or sequins in the form of stars. The most common use of stars is in silver or gold colors. A manicure with stars looks very gentle and cute. Even if these stars are on a black varnish base. You can paint stars on two or three nails. If you look for the best nail salon in Burbank and Glendale, you have found it, follow the link to know about the Nail Bar.


Matte nails 2021

The matte finish always attracts the attention of girls. Matte manicure will be one of the most trending winter nail designs 2021. It can be done as a monochromatic manicure and a manicure with a pattern. A particularly interesting option would be a cat's eye manicure covered with a matte finish.

Nude nails

Nude nails with pinkish and flesh-colored varnish will be in vogue in winter 2021. The best length for a nude manicure would be short or medium. When choosing such a manicure, you do not have to worry about rapidly growing nails. You can safely wear it for two to three weeks.

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