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Top 7 fashionable summer nails 2021 ideas that you must try

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

This summer, nails should be not just beautiful or bright, but special, with a certain twist. We have pushed aside the monotonous summer nail designs and adopted the most fashionable nail art ideas for summer 2021. Let’s find out the most stylish and relevant options for creating the perfect summer nails 2021.

Summer nails 2021: ideas and novelties

French nails 2021

French nail design can definitely emphasize the length of the nails. Fashionable summer French manicure looks perfect in bright colors complemented with a light drawing: peas, patterns, stripes, floral designs, etc.

Summer French nail design with a two-tone combination is also trendy in 2021. But you should be careful with the combination, as not all shades look perfect together. Also, don’t forget about the inverted French nail design, that is, the half-moon manicure, which will make your nail designs very cool. You can try to combine French design and a half-moon manicure by choosing one color for the hole and strip.

Beautiful summer nails with flowers

This is probably the most beautiful and varied nail design perfect for light summer looks. Delicate daisies, bright sunflowers, poppies, roses, wildflowers on the nails will certainly delight the eye. The easiest and most affordable way to get fashionable summer nails 2021 with flowers at home is to use stickers. Special sliders with pictures will help you make the perfect summer manicure with your favorite colors. By the way, it is fashionable to paint flowers on nails on a transparent basis.


Summer nails with fruits and sweets

The most fashionable summer manicure is beautiful drawings with fruits and sweets on the nails: appetizing ice cream, juicy fruits and berries. Summer nails with juicy fruits look more impressive with droplets that are applied with acrylic varnish. Fruits are painted either on one of the nails or on each, it all depends on the design.

Trendy nail design with feathers

Feathers can be different: contrasting, black or white, as well as colored. Feathers can be presented in the form of a complex pattern, or with the addition of Vedic elements and symbols. This type of manicure will look equally good on short, medium and long nails, due to the versatility of the pattern. The feathers themselves are decorated with various decorations, especially sequins or rhinestones.

Fashionable nails with stars

The starry sky on the nails is a set of paints and a beautiful pattern. There may also be stars of various shapes and colors and of course size, which is very important. There are beautiful stickers on sale that, instead of a picture, can decorate the nail plate. The stars can be drawn with acrylic paints or ordinary gel polishes. The main thing here is to focus on a nail or to select everything at once. Sometimes a shiny rub is used in manicure, which imitates the starry sky.

Summer nails with the rainbow motive

Rainbow manicure can be performed in different ways. In one version, it is a rainbow varnish for all marigolds, where each color differs from each other by one or two tones. In the other, it is an ombre or gradient nail design. Rainbow manicure is very bright, beautiful and catchy. But it will not suit every outfit. Find out more about trendy nails colors 2021, follow the link.

Amber nails 2021

The amber look of the manicure beautifully imitates the surface of natural stone. You can use dark, amber, brown, sand, beige and black tones. The colors complement each other to create a stunning nail design. The amber manicure is suitable for short, medium and long nails: it will look great in any form. Nail artists often use a frame design together with the amber nails. The frame can be made of gold or silver hues, which will complement the amber design very nicely.


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