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Ombre nails 2021: trendy ombre nail design ideas

Ombre manicure is an amazing nail design technique for real fashionistas. The effect of a smooth transition of color creates the impression of sophistication of the nail plate and gives a zest to the whole look. In our article, you'll find various design ideas and techniques for ombre nails 2021. Are you crazy about ombre nails and looking for marvelous ombre nail design ideas? So read the article!

Ombre nails 2021: creative design ideas

Bright overflows of color in an ombre manicure can consist of both a single-color palette and two or more colors. As a result, you get original and beautiful nails. Gradient variations can take one nail, or they can cover absolutely all nails. So, the ombre manicure technique can be done both at home and in a beauty salon, as in Nail Bar nail salon Glendale.

Ombre nail design ideas 2021

You have decided to make ombre nails and don’t know where to start? First of all, look at the shape and length of your nails. This is exactly what you should start from. If you have short and wide nails, then the ombre can be positioned vertically along with the plate. This will create the illusion of thin and long nails. Also, don’t choose contrasting and dark varnish colors. Opt for neutral pastel shades.

The transition is placed horizontally on long ombre nails. The effect looks very nice and original. Especially if you choose the right combination of nail polish colors. As a rule, there should be no more than five of them. And if you do a matte ombre manicure, your nails will look doubly cool.

Two more options for ombre manicure are relevant in 2021. When the ombre spreads from the center of the nail as well as from the corner of the nail: it gives the impression of an unusual rainbow effect. Diagonal gradient options will be relevant for summer nails 2021. The other stunning design idea- ombre design in the center of the nail resembles a blush and is applied mainly on a white background with pale pink tones of varnish.

Do not think that if you have short nails, then trendy nail design effects will not work for you. On the contrary, ombre for short nails will help to visually make them longer.


Ombre French nails

The inextinguishable classic of French manicure has found its application in combination with the ombre effect. The smooth transition of the ombre is originally separated by a contrasting French strip. Although in modern variations of the ombre, rough transitions from color to color are also noticed. It all depends on the expectation of a specific result. In addition, you can "stretch" the ombre transition from the tip of the nail, thereby obtaining a French manicure.

Ombre nails with glitter

The gradient transition can be achieved not only with colored nail polishes. Glitter is in trend in 2021. In addition, ombre with sparkles on the nails looks solemn and not boring. The transition to the ombre with sparkles is achieved by "stretching" from the base to the tip of the nail.

Drawings on ombre nails

Of course, among the wide variety of ombre manicure options, the drawings on the nails play an important role. Mixing styles and techniques produce incredible results: flowers, geometric shapes, animals. Also, try to add rhinestones or glitter to your ombre nails 2021. But only on individual nails, so as not to overdo it.

In summer, we advise you to choose light and flamboyant hues of nail polish. For example, pink and blue palettes, yellow, mint and orange. Whereas for the autumn-winter period, tinges of burgundy, blue, green and black nail polish are relevant. The modern style of ombre manicure accommodates a stretch of a monochromatic scale, as well as unpredictable combinations of different contrasting shades.


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