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French Nail Designs 2021: 11 stunning French nail trends

French manicure is one of the oldest and most popular techniques in nail design. Also, French nail design is one of the simplest and easiest manicure designs that can be repeated at home. Beautiful French can be implemented both on long and short nails, be it an oval, square or even sharp shape of the nail: we can say that the French manicure is universal. Let’s find out French nail designs 2021 in our article.

Trends of French nail design 2021

French with double stripe

Highlight the nail tip and then emphasize the strip with another line will not be difficult at all, and the effect will be visible immediately. French nails 2021 with a double combined strip can be performed in another, no less stylish version, when two stripes (can be multi-colored) drawn from the edges of the marigold converge in the center, forming a layering.

French with gradient stripes

A novelty of French manicure is the classic version with a strip made using the gradient technique. A slight transition from one color to another, reflected on the tip of the marigold, looks amazing and very original.

Reverse French nail designs 2021

The "smile line" is drawn not on the outer, but on the inner edge of the marigold. This French manicure looks quite unusual, especially in a color combination. But it's worth trying it, especially since this version of French nail design will be very popular in 2021.

Matte French nails

If you like a bright two-tone French, you can safely perform it with matte shades. Matte French nails will be more interesting and sophisticated. The soft satin effect will remove the shine of the toxic shades, which will make the manicure pleasant and discreet.


Matte glossy French nails 2021

The matte-glossy combination remains the actual idea of ​​the French nails 2021. This option is suitable only for dark and saturated shades (black, emerald, dark blue, burgundy), where the tip of the marigold is covered with gloss. Also, find out stunning and original pedicure trends 2021.

French design with rhinestones

Since it is not necessary to draw a strip on all marigolds, an accented marigold can be brightly and unobtrusively decorated with rhinestones. Single pebbles or beads can be added to all the marigolds, but the inlay is better done on the middle or ring finger.

French nails with confetti

Kamifubuki is also a beautiful nail design for French manicure 2021. You can choose any large sequins, there are also no restrictions for an accent, therefore, several marigolds are often distinguished in Feng Shui.

French ombre nails 2021

The novelty of the season is the combination of a gradient and a white stripe, which looks very interesting and bright. A similar French manicure is created in many different ways. Nail designers prefer to use an airbrush and a stencil for French design so that the strip is really perfect. You can polish your nails in one of the best nail salon Glendale, follow the link.

French and moon manicure

The combination of French and moon designs on the nails is still relevant in 2021. Highlighting both smile lines in a multi-colored or monochromatic version is valued equally and looks very stylish.

French with drawings

You will find the largest number of unique and inimitable design options for French nails with a pattern. The accent pattern can be located on any of the marigolds. More often, the thumb is allocated in tandem with the ring finger on the other hand.

French and geometry

Geometric patterns and stylish graphic designs are very popular today, so you will definitely be in trend if you choose French manicure with geometry, . The most fashionable variation of the French will be bright color combinations and stripes.


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