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8 stunning and original pedicure trends 2021

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Fashion pedicure 2021 has a lot in common with the general fashion nail trends of the new season. Both fashionable half-moon pedicure and silver metallic nails are in 2021 trend. Legs require as much care as hands. And the fashionable pedicure 2021 will help you to please yourself with various design ideas. Trendy items and fashion trends of the new season offer many original solutions.

Among the fashionable ideas of nail design, there are options for lovers of classics and calm shades, as well as a wide color palette for fans of bright colors and non-standard solutions. What pedicure trends 2021 and nail designs are popular? Let’s find out in our article!

Plaid pedicure

Not surprisingly, the plaid nail design also appeared among the fashionable ideas for a trendy pedicure in 2021. Cage colors can be very different: from black and white to a combination of any two or three colors.

Moon pedicure 2021

The lunar design does not lose its relevance: it is only transformed and improved. You can experiment with the shape of the hole and color combinations in the new season. The hit of the season is the triangular hole. And it is not at all necessary to leave it unpainted. It can be covered with a contrasting color, filled with rhinestones, ornaments and patterns. Traditionally, the moon design was done on the first big toe. The new season offers fashionistas to perform moon pedicure on one nail or all marigolds.

Pedicure and manicure in one design

A pedicure made in the same design as a manicure looks stylish and impressive. Choose the most fashionable solutions and create absolute harmony on the arms and legs.

Nail design with decor

Decorating a pedicure with a variety of decor is the trend of 2021. You can use rhinestones of different shapes, types and colors, beads, crystals, kamifubuki or 3D decorations. You can safely experiment with rhinestones and other types of decor during a warm season when the legs are open.


Neon pedicure

A real explosion of color - neon pedicure! It will focus on the legs. Choose rich bright colors, such as shades of orange, which is fashionable this season, yellow and bright shades of green, deep pink, etc.

A neon pedicure can be solid color or decorated with rhinestones. It can also be complemented with a dark pattern, for example, in an animalistic style that imitates a zebra, cheetah, snake.

Matte pedicure

The matte design attracts as much attention as the neon pedicure. It emphasizes style and will be appropriate at any time of the year. You can diversify your pedicure by combining it with other types of nail designs. It can be decorated with rhinestones or sequins.

Pedicure with drawings

Drawing is a topical solution for pedicure design in 2021. The emphasis is on complex drawings with many details. Their clarity and complete identity can be achieved using stamping. This technique involves using a stamp to transfer the design onto the nail.


Classic French pedicure

French in nude tones is a classic pedicure. It does not lose its relevance in the new season. This is a universal solution that suits any look, and will always look stylish and fashionable. Be sure to make the most beautiful French manicure in order to have a stunning and complete look.

Try to experiment!

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