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Nail patterns 2021: trendy nail design ideas

Vibrant colors, sparkling decor and classic berry hues will be trendy in the spring-summer season in 2021. The fall-winter season will delight with minimalist prints, glamorous metallic sheen, made in different techniques. For less eccentric women, the beloved nude manicure remains in fashion. But what nail patterns 2021 will be trendy?

Nail patterns 2021 for long nails

Decor with words and letters

They should be applied to a monochrome coating, so they will be as expressive as possible. You can decorate individual fingers with lettering or paint all of your nails. You can limit yourself to one word or portray a whole sentence.

The contrasting combination of minimalist nail designs with their length allows for a very sophisticated and elegant manicure. For such decor, it is better to use muted and calm shades.

Prints are made in the form of simple, uncomplicated patterns: points, lines, triangles, sketches of simple objects. Green is recognized as the official trendy color of 2021. It looks especially good with white, pink or orange. The green varnish is calmer and deeper. It goes well with light gray, white, beige or navy blue.

Blue varnish is recognized as a trend for summer 2021, especially its bright and blue-green shades, such as turquoise and azure. Women with very light skin should use darker shades. And dark-skinned women can pick up bright colors and combine them with other colors. Orange lacquer stays at the top for spring and summer nail designs 2021.


Holographic and chrome manicure

Special pigments or powder are applied to nails covered with dark or black gel polish. The aurora effect looks especially beautiful, which is performed with materials of different shades. Contact us if you looking for a nail salon Glendale.

Nail patterns 2021 for short and medium nails

There are also interesting design options for short and medium nails.

Abstract painting

Apply a lighter color over the base intense color with a dry brush. Alternatively, you can achieve the effect of a watercolor painting. If you apply a little paint of a different color to the center of the nail on a neutral substrate and gently blot it with a sponge, you will get a delicate blurred pattern.

Two-tone manicure

Shades similar in color are used and combined on each finger. Apply the template to make the separation perfect. Matte and glossy combination looks very nice.

Beloved kamifubuki can be used in the decor of both long and short nails. Combine different confetti or complement them with lettering and other techniques. Matte varnishes also look great in any length, in any combination and decor. Nude manicure is an invariable companion of short, but neat and well-groomed nails. Feel free to use trends in order to always be irresistible!


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