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Trending nail colors 2022: nail color trends to know

Not sure what color to paint your nails? Then our article is for you!

Trendy nail polish colors change every season. There are many colors that, despite the changing trends, always remain relevant. Popular nail colors 2022 can be divided into traditional ones and those that appeared in the trend only this season. We love all of the colors on this list, so enjoy!

Trending nail colors 2022: what to choose

Take a look at the photos of trendy nail designs to better understand which one is right for you.

Pale pink color nails

Delicate and romantic pink shades suitable for stylish ideas for autumn-winter nail design will be in demand more than ever in 2022 nail colors. In autumn and winter, pink varnish looks very beautiful in pure, almost translucent shades. New ideas for pink nails 2022 can be in pastel colors or more intense. As for the design, you can safely add sparkles, stones, foil, kamifubuki, as well as fashionable designs and patterns.


Blue nails 2022

Mykonos blue is a vibrant blue that is perfect for fall/winter nail designs. Blue varnish goes well with white, golden, and silver sequins, as well as foil and rhinestones, which will be so relevant in the trends of nail polish colors 2022. French nails with dark blue ends look especially impressive.


Green nails 2022

A rich, but at the same time calm green color is one of the popular nail colors 2022, both in autumn and summer nail designs- you just have to choose the appropriate design. Look for beautiful options for nail design with green varnish in our photo selection.


Trending sand color nails

Sand Perfectly Pale is one of the cute nail colors 2022 and ideal for those who want something interesting, but at the same time remember about naturalness. Plus, it's a great base for marvelous nail art designs for winter/spring 2022. The sandy color of the polish lengthens the fingertips and blends beautifully with all skin tones.


Caramel nails

The caramel color is one of the trending nail colors 2022 and the most elegant shade for a nude manicure. It is the perfect neutral color that sits at the intersection of deep beige and light brown.

The caramel color of the nail polish is so elegant and timeless that it can be used on nails of any length, shape, and style.


Red nails 2022

Red, or rather the "fiery whirlwind" as it was called by the Pantone Institute, is an energetic fiery shade of red that will be one of the fashionable nail colors 2022. A red manicure is always a good idea, especially if you are not sure which shade to choose, it looks gorgeous in both a monochromatic manicure and with a creative design.


Olive nails

Olive color looks very calm and beautiful in an autumn-winter manicure. This is a soft earthy green that will be a chic accent on any outfit in 2022.


Different-colored nails

The biggest hit in trendy nail colors 2022 will certainly be the multi-colored manicure. This is one of the few trends that oppose natural, delicate, and muted colors.

Colorful gradient nails and splashes of color will be very fashionable. If you want to experiment a little with different styles, be sure to paint your nails with multi-colored varnishes.


Choose the shades of polishes that best reflect your mood in 2022 and create your perfect manicure!

Cute nail colors 2022: stylish nail design ideas

Get inspired by 2022 nail colors ideas.

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