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The Coolest Mermaid Nails 2021 to Express Your Personality

Women especially are huge fans of the mermaid nails. Whether you’re looking for a glamorous nail design for an upcoming party or you just want to experiment with a new manicure design at your next salon visit, the following list offers a great range of mermaid nail designs to choose from!

Fashionable mermaid nail designs 2021

Here are the trendiest mermaid nail designs for your stylish look for 2021!

Pink mermaid nails 2021

Do you want to have fashionable colors and stunning nail art on your nails? If that's the case, this idea might be ideal for you. Some of the nails should be pink, two have a leaf design, and the rest are embellished with shells and pearls. This nail design is fashionable and will appeal to a wide range of people.

Matte and chrome mermaid nails

If you're seeking mermaid-inspired nails rather than nails with genuine mermaid nail art, this idea is for you. Here are some incredibly chic almond nails, each with a lovely design inspired by these wonderful creatures - mermaids. These nails are bold and fashionable, and they'll look amazing on anyone!

Mermaid scale design

Next, we'll show you a lovely mermaid nail design. Some of the nails have mermaid scales, while others are embellished with gems and even a starfish. It's a gorgeous nail design!

Mermaid nails with chrome and glitter

Another wonderful design for short nails in mermaid style. Two of the nails are light, with blue glitter on one and vivid blue with shells and gems on the other. This is a simple design that would look great on everyone’s nails. You can either recreate this appearance or just use the blue hue with the ornaments.

Mermaid tail nails

Scales, drips of water, shells, and other motifs can be found on the nails here. The stunning mermaid tail is what really makes the nails stand out! One of the nails is shaped and embellished to resemble a mermaid's tail. This is a fantastic idea, and the tail may be made in any color and with any design. Find out nail models 2021, follow the link.

Ariel mermaid nails 2021

If you're a fan of the Disney classic The Little Mermaid, this manicure design is for you. Short nails with lovely mermaid scales, with one nail featuring art inspired by Ariel from the movie. This is a fantastic idea that any Disney fan will appreciate.

Dark blue mermaid nails

Next, we've got another lovely blue nail design. The majority of the nails are dark blue and glittery, with a mermaid scale accent nail, a starfish, and gems. It's a charming and easy-to-wear mermaid nail design that'll go with everything. Want to find out more glitter nails designs? Follow the link!

Jelly mermaid nails

Our latest manicure design perfectly reflects the allure of mermaids. In this design, you should use pink, blue, and transparent to create jelly nails. Glitter, rhinestones, and other embellishments adorn some of the nails. This is yet another glitzy and glamorous concept. Simply add mermaid scales for a more noticeable mermaid style.

Chrome mermaid nails

We've all seen gorgeous mermaid-tail makeup brushes. If you enjoy those as well, you'll want to check out the following nail design. These chrome stiletto nails look just like the mermaid brush. Some of the nails are matte black, while others are embellished with diamonds. This is a very fashionable design, and you may choose the complete nail design or just the chrome option.

Clear mermaid nails

The next nail design we're going to show you is very gorgeous! This is a fantastic design that is both distinctive and imaginative. It's ideal for women who aren't fond of bold colors. Choose nail design like these if you want to stand out from the crowd.

The Little Mermaid color palette

Even though there are no seashell-themed gems in this nail art, it's clear that these are mermaid-inspired nails. This is due to the nail artist's usage of the color pallet from The Little Mermaid.

Ocean inspired nails

If you're going to the beach, this ocean-inspired nail design will look great on your fingers. If you want your manicures to be bold, this design is for you! These nails will attract everyone's attention with their long coffin nail design and ocean-themed rhinestones on each one!

We hope these mermaid nails 2021 have inspired you!

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