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7 ways to tell if your nail salon is safe

Going to a nail salon, we always act at our own peril and risk. How to make the right choice?

How to assess the professionalism of a manicure master?

  • You can always ask the master for certificates of completion of manicure courses. Courses can last for several months or two days. Therefore, the best evidence, in this case, is a portfolio of works, which a self-respecting manicure master will provide on-demand and with great pleasure.

  • The high professionalism of the master is evidenced by the presence of not just a certificate of completion of courses, but diplomas of completion of advanced training courses. The desire to constantly develop and master new techniques is an indicator of the master's responsibility and love for the work.

  • Many masters maintain pages on social networks where you can get acquainted with the general style and quality of work.

  • A self-respecting master will always be in a neat uniform, with hair tied back and in disposable gloves.

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How to assess a salon level?

  • The quality of the salon is measured by the level of the nail artist who works there. The salon itself should not have any special certificates for a manicure, but diplomas of participation in contests, exhibitions, international competitions of employees testify to the salon's serious approach to its own image.

  • The cabin must be spacious and meet all sanitary standards. You have every right to demand sanitary certificates or other documents if needed if any details raise suspicion in you. If you looking for a nail salon in Glendale, choose Nail Bar.

  • On your first visit, be sure to check how the instruments are sterilized. It is best if the instruments are sterilized in individual bags that can be opened directly at the client's presence.

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