Nail models 2021: 7 trendy shapes for your stylish nails

The art of manicure is based on the harmony of line and color. The skillfully chosen shape of the nails can completely transform the appearance of the fingers. But how to choose an exactly beautiful and fashionable shape that will make your nails irresistible? Let's look at the current nail models 2021 trendy shapes.

Nail models 2021: voguish nail shapes

Oval nails

This is a classic that will not lose its relevance in 2021. There is no need to fear any associations with the aesthetics of retro. Oval nails look beautiful, feminine and graceful; in addition, they visually lengthen the fingers. Long nails are not perceived as defiant with this shape. The secret of the oval is that it repeats the shape of the fingers, but makes them thinner and visually lengthens, especially if the coating is sustained in nude tones. This is why the oval is perfect for any finger thickness and length. However, it also withstands any bright experiments with distinction.

Almond nails 2021

Almond shape will also be in 2021 trend. Almond gives long nails a neat look and visually lengthens the nail plate. If you narrow the nail a little harder, making the oval a little more pointed, you will get almond-shaped nails. It combines the grace of an oval and adds a light "predatory" note.

Almond-shaped nails visually lengthen the fingers, but on thick fingers, they do not look too harmonious. Also, this option is not suitable for short nails. This choice makes the image visually more fragile and softer, especially if you choose varnishes from light or pastel colors. However, dark saturated shades are also not contraindicated.



Stiletto nails

Stiletto nails are narrow, pointed nails, usually long. They look impressive and bold. Since not every natural marigold can withstand this length and processing, stilettos are more often extended or applied. But any decor on stilettos looks much more impressive!

Sharp nails 2021

Along with the oval, sharp nails are also in vogue, although this is a more risky option. Many people think that sharp long nails look vulgar, but trends convince us otherwise: there is nothing shocking in the fact that nails were long and pointed. Yes, they will attract more attention, but this is just an additional reason to choose a fashionable design.

Even if you paint up sharp nails with regular burgundy varnish, as at the Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya show, they will not go unnoticed. Growing sharp nails is not an easy task, but no one demands the impossible from you. If your nails are naturally not too strong (or you need such a manicure for one evening), just buy artificial nails. Find useful tips to prevent nails from peeling, follow the link.

Round nails 2021

Round nails look cute and a little naive, but this is not their only plus: they are versatile, suitable for any surface. They look cute on short, thick toes, or on a wide nail plate. Looks good at any length. Such a manicure is durable and practical, and nails break less.

If you have very thin fingers, with prominent joints, we advise you not to use this nail model.



Square nails 2021