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Original nail design ideas for March 8

In this article, you will learn more about how to make a festive manicure for March 8, what trends to consider in 2022 and what options are suitable for different lengths and shapes of nails.

Short nail designs for March 8

If you decorate short nails with festive nail art, then you need to keep in mind that color will play the most important role in the design. With a short length, it is difficult to create a full-fledged pattern on the nails - so that it looks spectacular, truly expressive, and attracts attention.

In 2022, focus primarily on color combinations that can be presented beautifully through color-blocking. Moon and French manicures for March 8 will also be great options. The main idea, in this case, is to create March 8 nail art with an emphasis on graphics.

It is best to choose gentle pastel shades for a March 8 nail design, because they are the very embodiment of spring. They should all harmonize with each other, which allows you to create dozens of beautiful manicure options.

Another great idea for International Women's Day manicure 2022 is floral nail art. Draw buds of tulips, roses, lilies on your nails.

March 8 nail design ideas

Long nail designs for March 8

There are many more possibilities for long nail designs for March 8, especially if you are planning a spring design for March 8 with a pattern.

Starting to create nail art, you must first make sure that the nails have a beautiful shape and a generally neat appearance. So, to prepare your nails for nail design, do a basic manicure.

A floral manicure is an appropriate option but you can go beyond the usual and come up with patterns yourself that will emphasize the graceful length of the nails and allow you to play with spring shades.

long nail designs for March 8

French nails for March 8

The French can also be festive - you just have to replace the powdery pink and white with something brighter and more unusual.

Using spring pastel colors, you can make a manicure that will truly delight you with freshness and tenderness in early March.

Nail design with drawings on a transparent background will look very attractive. Just try to highlight the tips of the nails in an unusual way, for example, using the water marbling technique. Stripes and other graphic elements can also decorate the free edges of the nails, even though there is not so much space.

French nails for March 8

Moon manicure for March 8

Accentuate the nail hole with a sky blue, turquoise, mint, soft pink, or pistachio shade. Or try more than just filling the hole with color - outline the contour of the hole with a thin line, using all the same pastel varnishes.

Glitter or shimmery polish near the cuticle is not only a fashionable nail trick but also a fresh idea for a spring manicure on March 8.

You can also decorate the hole with drawings - for example, a pattern with green leaves and buds that are about to bloom.

moon manicure for March 8

Manicure with spring flowers for March 8

Instead of strict graphics, choose floral designs, which, as already noted, look especially good on long nails.

The basis of nail art for the March 8 nail design can be images of not only the most popular tulips. It is easier to draw daisies, violets, and gerberas with a manicure brush than the buds of the same tulips or, for example, roses and peonies. But with a certain artistic ability, you can cope with the latter.

Actually, drawing flowers is not at all necessary - use dried buds of real flowers to create nail art.

You can also paint abstract buds on your nails. And if you do decide to do it yourself, the easiest way to do it is with the help of the dots.

floral nails for March 8

Manicure for March 8 with sequins, rhinestones, glitter

Want to get a truly festive manicure? This means that you cannot do without glitter - auxiliary elements like glitter and rhinestones will be used. The main thing is not to overdo it - after all, we are not talking about New Year's nail designs, but about a manicure for March 8. Do not fill the entire surface of your nails with glitter.

For example, patterns and designs with flowers can be done using glitter, and the background will be the usual solid color. Try nail confetti instead of shiny glitter.

Small rhinestones can serve as the core of the inflorescences if you still decide to make the nail art floral. Or, for example, simply complement the finished floral drawing. You can also use varnishes with a metallic effect - they are perfect for creating patterns on a plain background (especially matte).

March 8 nails with glitter, rhinestones, sequins

Manicure for March 8 with patterns, drawings, and lace

Many of the classic spring manicure options may seem overwhelmed and outdated. So, it's time to go beyond the usual and create - for example, in the same pastel colors to create a "watercolor" manicure with the effect of blurring shades with water. This result can be easily achieved with a sponge - this is usually used when doing an ombre manicure.

By the way, such an image may well become part of your manicure on March 8, 2022 - and it is much easier to complete this design at home than nail art with drawings and patterns.

If in winter one of the most trendy patterns in nail art is "knitted", then in spring and summer it will rather be lace.

March 8 nails with lace and patterns

March 8 nail design ideas

March 8 floral nails

March 8 nail art

March 8 nail designs

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