Gel x nails 2022: trendy gel x manicure ideas

Have you ever tried the famous gel-x nail extensions? Do you know how comfortable and safe they are in comparison with other nail extensions? Do you know what is trendy for this year for gel-x nails 2022? Continue reading to find out all interesting and important facts about gel-x manicure and the trends of 2022.

In fact, gel-x nail extensions feel and look like your natural nails. These extensions are thin and very similar to natural ones. They are applied a lot easier than acrylic, and you don’t need much time for refilling, as you can just apply a new set of gel-x nails and you’re done. Gel-x nails are more soft and flexible than acrylic nails and less damaging of course. Many young celebrities are in love with this trend. Because of its ingredients list and the fact that this type does not need to be scraped, it is a lot healthier option for those who want to choose a fancy manicure.

So if you have already made an appointment at a salon to apply a set of gel x nails, here are the best trends of x gel nails 2022.

Transparent gel x nails 2022

After a good and thorough cleaning of your nails, just apply the transparent gel-x extension on your nails. It feels like your natural nails and looks very basic so you can match your perfect and natural-looking manicure with your total look. It will stay for a few weeks and will keep its good shape for a long time so you will not have to refill it after a short time.

Transparent gel x nails 2022

Glitter gel x manicure 2022

Again glitter! Choose glitter on all nails or combine the glitter topping with bright colors. You can even coat small parts of your nails with glitter topping so they will not look too shiny. You can pick golden or silver glitter as well and combine them with a transparent manicure with gel-x extension and they will look just right for a party event or a weekend gathering.

Nude x gel nails 2022

Nude nails are always a trend and one can never get bored of nude shades. Pink, peachy, light brown, beige or light blue - choose what color you like the most and ask the specialist to paint your gel-x nails with one color or mix and match different nude colors like a palette. Nude nails will not stand out a lot so you can pick this design for casual looks as well.

nude gel x manicure 2022

Neon gel x manicure 2022

Feeling elevated? Maybe it’s time to choose bright colors for matching with a colorful summer look. You can choose only one color or combine different neon colors for a brighter look. You can even mix different shades of one neon color on one nail and get a very nice design on your gel-x extensions.