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Acrylic nails 2021: 12 stunning acrylic nail designs

Acrylic nail extension is becoming more and more popular. They look natural, besides, they give a special elegance and grace to the manicure. For lovers of long nails, this method is just a find - a beautiful manicure not only looks great but is also distinguished by its durability.

Acrylic extension technology differs from other extension methods. With the help of a special powder, an artificial type of coating is created, which is applied to natural nails or to special templates that adjust the length and nails' shape. It's convenient to apply varnish and other decors to such a coating, embodying the most daring ideas of an acrylic manicure!

Acrylic nails are sought-after not only because they look elegant and harmoniously complement absolutely any image. Acrylic manicure is highly durable, which allows women of fashion to lead a familiar lifestyle without fear of chips. In addition, such material can be easily removed without injuring the nail plate.

We have collected for you interesting acrylic manicure ideas that will be popular in 2021!

Beige oval manicure with glitter

A popular design for acrylic nails 2021 will be a beige manicure with sparkles of the same tinge. A beige manicure will suit all girls and will successfully complete everyday and festive looks. Adding decorative sparkles will transform your nails from simple to trendy. This design option is ideal for oval nails.

Golden French nails

French manicure with acrylic paints in bold tints will definitely draw attention to its owner. A coffee manicure with gold tips is the unimpeachable combo for a regale. Plus, since coffee and gold are versatile colors, this blend works for a casual look too.

Rhinestones and glitter

It's very handy to add originality to a neutral shade manicure on short nails. It's enough to add silver sparkles on one nail, and on the rest add shiny tear-shaped rhinestones resembling teardrop, so you will make a beautiful manicure with rhinestones.


Eccentric onyx with a golden shine

Adding gold glitter to the black nails' tips will add luxury and elegance to acrylic nails 2021. This glitter and manicure color combo are ideal for clubbing and special occasions.

Lilac acrylic nails with glitter

Tinges of lilac with silver glitter are an irreproachable tinge scheme. To perform a purple manicure, you'd add silver sparkles to some nails, make a gradient from a gentle to a deeper purple shade, and just cover some nails with a monochromatic varnish.

Matte emerald green nails

A regal emerald and green manicure look luxurious on women's nails. Rhinestones give the emerald manicure a special elegance and charm. Matte manicure resembles velvet, which makes the manicure appropriate for special events and parties.

Light acrylic nails

Acrylic nails look great in a variety of tints and manicure designs, but they look just as good in natural shades. A transparent manicure on long nails suits any look, such a light manicure will be corresponding to any event.

Bronze acrylic nails

Gold and silver are certainly chic shades, but what about bronze? Bronze gives manicure on short nails a special charm and style. This manicure is simple yet elegant. Doesn't require unnecessary decorations and makes you admire it.

Coral-gold nails

Coral is the 2021 Pantone color of the year, so this acrylic manicure will be especially relevant! The harmonious combination of coral and gold will make a manicure with gold truly exquisite and original. Alternating shades and adding a pattern to one nail look great on short square nails and will create a trendy coral manicure.

"Unicorn and rainbow" nails

Bright, fabulous, delicate acrylic manicure with cute images of a unicorn and a rainbow will refresh any look. Medium length square nails are covered with glossy pink varnish. The peculiarity of the unicorn manicure design lies in colorful patterns. Such a stunning unicorn manicure will not leave you unnoticed!

Acrylic nails with Maneki-Neko image

This patterned nail design is meant to bring good luck into your life. The image of Maneki-Neko - the Japanese "Cat of Happiness" is intended to attract wealth and success to its owner. Red manicure and medium-length round nails with a red and white ornament are harmoniously combined with marigolds, on which the Japanese symbol of happiness is painted. Find out more information about 10 game-changing nail tips for those who can't paint their nails, simply follow the link.

Metallic acrylic nails

Medium length round nails with a metallic sheen look spectacular and unusual. Purple metallic nails give your nails a smooth, vivacious and mesmerizing effect! A metallic manicure doesn't require additional decorations, it is elegantly combined with rings on fingers.


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