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Abstract nail 2021: fashionable abstraction on nails, the best trends

Flashiness, expressiveness and randomness are the main aspects of abstract nail design, which, in contrast to the techniques of geometry or color block, defies logic and common sense, which makes abstract manicure so unique. Nail artists suggest using a combination of several techniques at once in new designs of abstract manicure - geometry, strokes, splashes, dots, negative space. You will get very cool and spectacular abstract nails 2021 for any occasion.

Which trendy abstract manicure to choose in 2021? There are plenty of exciting ideas: bright, delicate, minimalistic and romantic, matte and shiny - each abstract manicure is beautiful in its own way!

Trendy abstract nail trends 2021

Which trendy abstract manicure to choose in 2021? There are plenty of exciting ideas: bright, delicate, minimalistic and romantic, matte and shiny - each abstract manicure is beautiful in its own way!

Floral abstract nails 2021

Refined and delicate abstract nails can be performed in a beautiful design with floral patterns - twigs, foliage, buds, and flowers. The graphic style of the floral pattern in the fashionable abstract nail design will be very successful and allow you to get the desired result.

One of the most romantic options for abstract nails 2021 will be a floral print. Complement the graphic flower on one of the marigolds with blots and chaotic patterns that will give effect and expressiveness. An important point is the use of bright contrasting color coatings or bright accents that allow you to implement a completely fashionable abstract manicure.

Abstract nails with foil

Foil prints will allow you to get completely different and very stylish abstract designs. The shiny foil will look perfect in a smart abstract manicure, but matte and multi-colored foil will add expressiveness and novelty to everyday abstract nail designs. Nail artists very often use foil prints as a substrate for fashionable abstract manicure designs.

Negative space abstract nail design

A stylish manicure with an abstract design can always be made lighter, more relaxed and unobtrusive using the negative space technique. A transparent marigold with unusual patterns is of particular interest and will give expressiveness to abstract patterns. Fashionable abstract manicure with negative space looks stylish and not too clumsy.

Abstract nails with cobweb gel

The fashionable trend in abstract manicure is the use of a cobweb gel, which, thanks to its texture, allows you to obtain unusually beautiful patterns that resemble cobwebs. Cobweb design in a fashionable abstract manicure allows you to get both a beautiful evening and everyday nail design.

Neon abstract nails 2021

If you want to create a bright neon nail design, it is best to resort to the abstract manicure technique. Among the novelties of abstract manicure in neon color is a design with splashes and strokes, geometric and with negative space, which look very harmoniously together.

Stamping design in abstract manicure

Nail designers propose to implement abstract nails with a gradient on a couple of nails, on top of which should be a print using the stamping technique, which allows you to achieve a cool pattern in the same style on both nails at the same time. With such a fashionable and charming abstraction manicure, your hands will not go unnoticed.

Abstract minimalist nails 2021

Abstract nail design can be obtained in the style of minimalism, when just a couple of strokes and splashes, dots and lines on the nails are enough to get a very cute and stylish abstract nail design. The best palettes will be nude and pastels in the trendy abstract minimalist manicure.

Abstract nails with quail eggs effect

Trendy abstract manicure with splashes and dots in nail art is called "quail eggs". Creative novelties of abstract manicure with bright color accents and contrasting techniques will be even cuter with the effect of “quail eggs”, which will make a very interesting design in abstract style.

Abstract French nails with brush strokes

To make the usual French manicure more original and creative, you should accentuate a couple of marigolds with the help of abstract patterns or highlight the tip of the marigold in an unusual way diagonally or with a broken line. In any case, such fashionable abstract French nails will be remembered without any doubt.

Abstract nail design with natural textures

You can get an abstract manicure by using one of the top designs - wet manicure or natural textures, which is an imitation of various natural minerals on the nails, such as marble. Such an abstract design with natural textures looks exciting and intriguing, especially in deep and rich colors or with sparkles.

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