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10 trends for nails for Mother's day

There is not much time remaining until one of the most beautiful holidays in the year - Mother’s day. Mother’s day is a great chance for each of us to remind our mothers how much we love and appreciate them, make them feel special, and make their day unforgettable. Another good way to celebrate this special day is matching your outfit, makeup, and even your nails with the symbol of the day. Here you can find a bunch of ideas on how to make your nails and what Mother's day nail designs to choose for you and your mother to make this day very special for both of you.

Matte nude nails

Matte nude nails always stay on top of Mother's day nail art trends. Especially for this beautiful spring day, you can paint your nails in beige, light pink or light brown, or even light blue. Topped with a matte finish, your nails will look fine and tender.


Mother's day nails 2022: pink nails

Girls will always stay in love with pink - and we don’t speak only about the bubble gum color but all shades and tints of pink. Nude pink, light pink, rosy, coral, peach, flamingo - just choose the shade and ask your nail master to make stunning Mother's day nail designs.


Cute nails for Mother's day: glitter nails

Glitter is addictive, we know that. No matter which color you will choose, topping your nails with glitter will add an awesome mood to your day. Your mother will also like glitter nails for sure, so don’t hesitate to take her to a nail salon for this design as well.

cute-nails-for-mothers-day-glitter nails

Mother's day nails 2022: retro nails

Nail art in retro style is a great idea and it will for sure be one of the best choices for your mother. Choose retro shapes and add them on the top of any bright color and enjoy your nails for Mother’s day.

Mother's day nails 2022: retro nails

Mother's day manicure: green nails

Green nails are an awesome trend during the last couple of years. In fact, dark and light shades of green are a symbol of spring and nature. Mix different shades and you will get a feeling of nature on your nails. It's one of the greatest Mother's day nail designs 2022.

Mother's day manicure: green nails 2022

Marble nails for Mother's day

Marble nails are a total trend for a very long time for Mother's day manicure - you just need to get the right mix of colors. Add a little white decoration on your peach or light pink nails and get the spring mood together with a classy look.


Mother's day nails 2022: text nail art

Add your favorite quote, a word, or initials on your nude or dark nails and it will look great both for you and your mother. Pick the most relevant quotes or words and it will be a good symbol on Mother’s day. You can choose both handwriting style and typewriting style for a good look.


French manicure for Mother's day

Believe it or not, the French manicure is a forever trend and it will never get old or boring for anyone. Even if you might not like the French manicure on someone else, it will look just awesome on your own hands. It looks just very natural and neat, and it is really what you need on a beautiful holiday celebration together with your total look and make-up.


Minimalistic Mother's day nail designs 2022

Choose your favorite Mother's day nail color or end up on a nude shade and put dots or short lines on the top of some fingers. Do a minimalistic design and you will not get bored after a few days. Simplicity is always a good idea, even if you are not going to match a special nail art design with any detail of your look.

Minimalistic Mother's day nail designs 2022

Matching nails for Mother's day 2022

No matter if you choose a bright color combined with a bold design or minimalistic nail art, you can make your Mother’s day celebration even more special if you match your nails with your mother and do just the same or similar design for both of you! It will give you a great mood and you can even take awesome photos to remember that nice day with your mother later.

Matching nails for Mother's day 2022

Finally, it would be good to speak about the shape of your nails. Regardless of what design you have chosen, you would better choose a shape for your nails that is most comfortable for you. Your hands will look amazing with your new Mother's day nail art and you will not harm yourself with an inconvenient shape and feel awkward on this very special day.

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