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Dark nails 2021: amazing nail design ideas and trends

Dark manicure should be fashionable, mysterious and solemn. Original design, techniques, and the most diverse tones are used in dark nail trends. So let's find out what dark nails 2021 trends are in fashion!

Dark nails 2021: marvelous design ideas

The dark varnish makes any flaw or mistake too obvious. But the dark design is too pretty to be neglected.

The choice of color is greatly influenced by the principle of seasonality. Spring and summer are the time for light shades, dark nail art can be diluted with light colors, bright patterns and prints. Especially on short and long nails, it looks overly dramatic.

The exception is youth options, monochrome dark shades that fit well into a bold look, in this case, maybe appropriate. Even long black nails look spectacular when combined with a white romantic dress.

Vivid contrasts are in vogue now. Another classic option is total black on nails and a rocker or gothic bow. However, the dark is not only black.

What about the fall-winter season? For these discreet seasons, emerald, burgundy, dark blue, brown, gray, wine are suitable.


Actual trends for dark nails 2021: unusual French

The classic highlighting the tip of the nail in white color takes on a new interpretation with the participation of dark shades. Instead of white, you can take another color, a tone lighter or darker than the main one. The tips of dark nails with an openwork pattern look very solemn.

Gradient and ombre dark nails

The gradient uses different shades of the same color. Gradient and ombre can be emphasized with additional decor. Dark ombre manicure is a great solution to color gradation, mixing colors in one design, moving from a more saturated to a calmer tone.

Rhinestones, crystals, sequins and other accessories

What could be more luxurious than rhinestones and sparkles on dark nails 2021? In recent years, overhead drawings have become especially popular: stamping, foil, confetti. It is fashionable to combine different techniques, patterns and prints. Up to the connection of several forms and different lengths of nails in one manicure. Professionals recommend the luxury of shimmering elements to be used in dosage even for the evening version.

A dark cat-eye manicure will decorate your nails with a mysterious design reminiscent of the sparkling eyes of your favorite animal lurking in the dark. Monochrome solution in an unusual version, for example, dark purple or green. Pearl is especially fashionable. Follow the link to find out more about 10 game-changing nail tips for those who can't paint their nails.


Fantastic dark nail design trends 2021

Fantastic manicure "broken glass" is a wonderful technique that will delight you with a spectacular overflow of marigolds reflecting rays of light.

Dark nail design with a pattern is a whole trend in nail art. If you don't like a lot of drawings, decorate only one nail with such an accent, or choose a small drawing. Ornament in the form of leaves, openwork flowers will look trendy.

Luxurious dark manicure with powdery patterns - this technique has become a new trend in nail art. With the help of powder, openwork, geometric, abstract patterns and more can appear on the nails.

The trendy dark design of nails with stickers and stamping is a lifesaver for those who want to decorate their nails with a pattern or ornament, but they cannot draw on their own. It is easier to buy stamping and sliders in the store and make original nail art in minutes.

Dark manicure with modeling or embossing will appeal to those who like volumetric elements on the nails. A dark manicure with dots and lines, shapes and other geometric wisdom is a laconic trendy option that will never look boring. Also, check our new post about pedicure trends 2021.

Matte manicure in dark shades is an ideal solution for monochrome and contrasting combinations of gel polishes because matte nails look very noble and stylish.

Dark nail art with a frame, highlighted holes are familiar solutions that always remain in trend due to their renewal capabilities.

Minimalism and negative space go well with dark tones of gel polishes and shellacs, suitable for almost any youth look. Minimalism goes well with office and evening looks.


What other dark nail designs can you try?

  • Geometric and chaotic patterns: an example is brush strokes that are intentionally careless.

  • Lace and volumetric overhead designs.

  • Unicorn teardrop or liquid metal pattern.

  • Gold and silver web.

Trendy manicure techniques make it possible to create dark nails 2021 both in the Gothic and in the romantic styles. Photos of design novelties reflect the most current trends and tendencies: from minimalism to floral baroque. In any case, you should choose luxurious colors.

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