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Spring nail design ideas 2022: coolest spring nails to try

When spring comes, you want updates in everything, in clothes, in appearance, and even in manicure. A beautiful spring manicure 2022 will not only emphasize the elegance of the image but also express your mood through the original nail art.

The brightest novelties of spring manicure, hot trends, and top options for spring nail art design, which you should definitely try this season, are collected in one material.

Here you can be inspired by the ideas of spring nail design 2022 in different styles and interpretations, learn about the most relevant spring manicure techniques, and how to combine them harmoniously.

Spring flower nail art 2022

The awakening of nature begins with the appearance of plants and flowers, which everyone loves to see on their nails. Therefore, one of the most popular options for spring manicure will be floral nail art.

Spring flowers and branches of flowering bushes and trees are depicted on the nails in all sorts of ways. Painting, stamping, air-flowers, minimalism, emphasis on the thumb, combination with French and additional decoration with rhinestones or glitter.

Spring flower nail art 2022

Spring manicure with portraits and faces

The rapidly growing popularity of drawings with female faces could not bypass the spring manicure 2022. Delicate, sophisticated portraits will complement any female image in the spring.

The main pattern can be located on one of the nails or become part of the original spring manicure. You can draw on your nails famous personalities, artistic characters, film heroines, and fairy princesses.

Spring manicure with portraits and faces

Funny spring nails 2022 with animals and birds

The trendy designs in manicure in the spring of 2022 will be animals and birds. You can depict them in different styles. The most popular options for spring manicure with animal nail art are funny bunnies and cute cats.

Birds especially swallows, look very beautiful and symbolic on the nails in spring. If you want a more expressive spring nail designs 2022, you can draw a fabulous bird with bright and large feathers decorated with rhinestones.

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Funny spring nails 2022 with animals and birds

Stylish spring nail designs 2022 with inscriptions

Beautiful inscriptions in spring manicure do not have to be love-themed and in Latin letters. These can be parting words, catchphrases, various expressions, logos, etc.

The most stylish ideas of such spring nails 2022 are made in the style of minimalism. In this interpretation, the spring 2022 manicure turns out to be laconic, restrained, and sophisticated.

Stylish spring nail designs 2022 with inscriptions

Geometric spring manicure 2022

Good news for lovers of geometric design, in the spring manicure 2022, stripes and patterns are not the last among the nail art trends. Typical for spring manicure here will be pastel colors and nudes.

Geometric patterns in the style of minimalism on all nails or a complex pattern on one of the nails, often supplemented with glitter, may well serve as a worthy option for a spring manicure.

Geometric spring manicure 2022

Spring nail design ideas 2022: stamping

A simple technique that allows you to make incredibly beautiful and perfect patterns, like stamping, is quite in demand in spring nail designs 2022. The basis of such a manicure in the spring can be nude or any pastel shade and the drawing itself can be made monophonic or multi-colored.

Stamping looks very interesting on a matte finish, you can also experiment in spring manicure with ombre and rubbing.

Spring nail design ideas 2022: stamping

Fashionable spring nail designs 2022 - stylish ideas

Special spring manicure 2022 is made not only by interesting and original drawings but also by fashionable decor. Foil, rhinestones, acrylic modeling, sequins, kamifubuki, rubbing allow you to make spring nails 2022 a luxurious decoration for your nails.

Having added a pattern with glitter or a plain coating with a strip of rhinestones, the spring manicure is transformed and looks more sophisticated and chic. You should not combine several types of jewelry in one manicure, it is better to choose one thing. If you really like the rich and bright design of spring nails, pay attention to the inlay with rhinestones.

Spring nail design ideas 2022

spring nail designs 2022

spring nail trends 2022

spring nails 2022

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