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Japanese nail art 2021: creative nail designs and trends

Japanese girls love flowers on the nails, ombre and simple geometry. Yes, nail art in the Land of the Rising Sun has a completely different character - oriental. Japanese nail art is an amazing technique, it is not like other nail designs and differs from other oriental techniques. It’s incredible and unlike any of the directions. This is a unique symbiosis of techniques, styles, the embodiment of the sophistication of ancient civilizations and modern laconic style. It sounds somehow strained and pathetic, but it is so. Judge for yourself!

Japanese nail art 2021: naturalness

Japanese nail art 2021 in general focuses entirely on naturalness. Naturalness permeated with endless femininity, tenderness. Isn't almost nude, subtle gradient and ombre nail design charming? Almost invisible, it creates an incredibly delicate image, light, transparent.

Japanese fashion, and in particular nail art, is focused entirely on childish spontaneity, on illuminations and overflows of colors and sparkles, in the end, on a theme vaguely reminiscent of anime cartoons.

Wonderful things: trees growing from women's nails, or entire structures, buildings directly on one single nail are used in 3D Japanese nail art. The variety of such 3D modeling is not just amazing but makes you generally reconsider your opinion regarding the fashion and design of the nails in general.


Japanese nail art 2021 is not just a manicure with decorative elements, it is a real art! When creating such unusual designs, stones, shells, dried flowers, and animal figurines are often used. Designers even use part of the veil and lace, which was selected specifically for the wedding dress for wedding nails.

The most popular direction of nail design among young Japanese women is the fruit or manga style when a wide variety of sweets flaunt on the nails: pies, strawberries, sweets, bows, and you can also see heroes of popular cartoons and comics.

Patterned rice paper has become one of the growing trends in nail art. Such paper usually already has a drawing, which the master cuts out and then sticks on the nail. This type of nail design is very popular among Japanese women who value traditions since exactly the same drawings are printed on rice paper as hundreds of years ago on a kimono made of expensive silk. So modern nail art is not only the art of being unusual but also a way to self-expression, not forgetting about its own history and traditions.

Eastern minimalism in nail art 2021

The idea of minimalism comes from the East. Japanese nail art combine simplicity without pretentiousness, absolute brevity and refinement.

The designs are reminiscent of sea stones, pieces of amber and pebbles, Expressionist paintings, Art Nouveau graphics - or Japanese painting.

And in combination with muted shades, illuminated by contrasting flashes, spectacular decor acquires a special, unique image. Geometry, asymmetry, moon manicure with Japanese motives look incredible in 2021. As already mentioned, this is an incredible symbiosis of all techniques and all design directions.

A special touch is the transparency of bright textures: the technique is present in many nail designs and is successfully combined with all. And also - the effect of slight negligence, blurred lines, which creates an even more natural image are also in trend.

This is not blurring - these are strokes of a pen, a calligraphic hieroglyph, this is a breath of wind - these are not drips of varnish, not the awkwardness of a master. Moon manicure has a special role in Japanese nail art. True, it looks not entirely familiar - but this is a true oriental lunar manicure.

Manicure, habitually called "water" manicure is the "calling card" of Japanese nail art. This is amber, malachite, and the starry sky - 3D design is incredibly cleverly combined with minimalistic, and with the most striking decor.

Japanese-nail -art-2021-with-geometrical-nail-design

Japanese nail art with rhinestones, foil with kamifubiki is in the Japanese nail art 2021 trend. But this is not flashy, it’s a peculiar, sometimes laconic, and sometimes - extremely impressive nail design.

Japanese nail designs can be bright and effective, mischievous, and even catchy. What distinguishes Japanese nail art? It is the amazing ability to create a mood and convey it in such a way that the same tenderness, the same brevity is everywhere.

You still need to try hard to find in Japanese nail art at least one excessive, ridiculously overloaded with décor design ideas. You may not understand oriental manicure, but it will not leave anyone indifferent. Get inspired in creating your own ideas!

Japanese-nail -art-2021-with-patterns

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