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Stunning trends and fascinating ideas for wedding nails 2021

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Every girl wants to look irresistible on the day of her wedding. Besides the wedding dress and hairstyle, wedding manicure also plays an important role in the bride's look. The most important attribute of family life, the ring will be worn on the finger, and therefore the nails should be in perfect shape!

Wedding nail colors 2021

Nail color is an important detail! Give preference to a soft nude palette in 2021. Cream with milk, powder color, snow-white, caramel, peach, coral will be relevant in 2021. The varnishes of these hues are distinguished by delicate natural tones, and will perfectly harmonize with a white or other light dress. But if you decide to play on contrast, then don’t be afraid to experiment with color, choosing a varnish to match lipstick or accessories.

Very often, a white wedding dress is complemented with bright details and accents in the form of embroidery, a belt or bows, which can be blue or red, turquoise and even black. In this case, the wedding manicure can be done in the same color.

Wedding French nails 2021

Classic will be a win-win solution for fashionable wedding nails 2021. French design is also striking in its simplicity and sophistication at the same time. The marigold has a natural look but looks aristocratic. The moon can be done both from above and from below: an inverted French looks very elegant. White French is considered traditional, while the middle of the nail is covered with a pale pink nude varnish.


Glitter wedding nails

Using shiny glitter is a great option for wedding nail design 2021. It can be applied to a transparent varnish, or you can use varnishes of a dense consistency, leaving a space between the glitters. A scattering of glitter can be used to decorate the tips of the nails or place it on a hole at the base of the nail plate.

3D wedding nails

Volumetric manicure is actively used for wedding themes this year. At the peak of popularity is a pearl placer. Small pearl halves are glued to the nail, covered with a delicate pink varnish. With their mother-of-pearl shine, they complement the festive image of the bride. This splendor is adorned not only with pearls but also with rhinestones and sparkles. The most important thing in this situation is not to overdo it: the abundance of such decor can make the manicure too provocative. Some stylists recommend decorating one or two marigolds with pearls. This is quite enough for such a solemn occasion as a wedding.

Ombre wedding nails

Gradient color transition is actively used not only when dyeing hair. The nail industry has long been practicing ombre nail design. It will be very popular in 2021! The smooth transition of the gradient in creamy and white tones looks perfect on the hands of brides.

Drawing on nails

Wedding nails 2021 can be made not only beautiful but also original. Drawings may not be limited to floral motifs. So, for example, you can arrange the ring finger in the form of a groom's suit (butterfly and tuxedo), the symbolic inscription "I agree" will also look organic and come in handy.

Nails with metallic effect

A gold wedding ring will look great with nails covered in gold foil. This is another trend for 2021. Let the gleam of gold metal shine on your nails like a jewel given to your loved ones on the day of the celebration!

Lace wedding manicure

You can add lace elements to the fashionable wedding nail design. A trendy wedding manicure will become more delicate with lace in different styles, which can be used to accentuate the wedding ombre, French, moon and monochrome nude bride manicure.

Colored bride manicure

The style of a wedding celebration may imply the dominance of a certain shade in the decor or bouquet. And you should take advantage of this by creating a fashionable wedding manicure in color. Do not be afraid of bright colors in wedding design: purple, blue, mint and even red are acceptable if your image of the bride will be in harmony with all the components of the wedding celebration.


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