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Unusual Halloween nails 2021: effective nail design ideas

Celebrating Halloween is a special opportunity to play the role of the main villain or reincarnate as a skillful villain from your favorite comic. Every detail and component of Halloween nails 2021 will play an important role, which should be up to par and perfected.

A trendy Halloween manicure should certainly be spectacular and memorable, drawing attention to your look and nails as well. Let's discuss the Halloween nails 2021 trends. We offer top nail art ideas for celebrating All Saints' Eve:

  • nails with spider and web prints;

  • images of an orange pumpkin;

  • beautiful nails with bloody smudges;

  • images of ghosts and shadows of trees;

  • skulls and bones;

  • ants;

  • faces of clowns, girls, images of cats.

In addition to the proposed Halloween manicure variations, you can also apply a variety of images from comics, anime, films, complementing with spectacular decor. Also, get inspiring ideas for black nail designs 2021, just follow the link.


A trendy Halloween manicure can be both simple and uncomplicated - simple pumpkin drawings or bloody stains will not be difficult to complete.

You can use pieces of foil, which will add shine, as well as thorns and stones of different sizes and shades as decorative elements in fashionable nail designs for Halloween 2021.

Girl's face with flowers

Nail masters demonstrated a wonderful Halloween manicure with a picture of a girl's face and flower eyes. If you are not a fan of dark Halloween nail art with spectacular bloody droplets, clowns and spiders, then this kind of fashionable nail art for Halloween 2021 with a sketch of a girl will be the perfect manicure idea for you!


Bloody droplets and stains

What causes unpleasant associations for most people? Bloody stains, smudges and droplets are often depicted on nails for a spectacular Halloween manicure. It is quite simple to carry out such a nail design for Halloween for different lengths of the marigold. Bloody smudges can be depicted on the tips of a finger or at the hole. As you can see, there are many variations of nail design with imitation of blood on the nails, and the choice is only yours.

Spiders and cobwebs

The idea of ​​a Halloween manicure 2021 can be a drawing of a spider on one of the fingers with a cobweb. Large and scary spiders, or many small spiders, will add uniqueness to this kind of nail art for Halloween. Spider images can be quite realistic if performed in a 3D effect. Use black and red polishes and a flesh-colored base to create a Halloween spider and cobweb manicure. You can make your Halloween nails in our nails salon Glendale - The Nail Bar USA.

Gloomy shadows

A gamut of shades in black, white, orange and red has become habitual for Halloween nails. And using these shades, you can bring into reality an intriguing Halloween manicure with ghosts, shadows of trees, a cemetery and other dark and frightening sketches. Crosses, silhouettes of people, falling shadows of trees and bats can be made in black on an orange or white base, which looks extraordinary.

Very long nails and skulls

Would you like to be the queen at the 2021 All Saints' Day party? Then how do you like the option of a Halloween manicure with mega-long nails that are complemented by rhinestones, large crystals in a scarlet shade, as well as a skull in the center of one finger? Such a nail design does not look intimidating, but it is very impressive and exciting, allowing you to complement the most intriguing look for Halloween 2021.


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