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How to strengthen your nails at home: surefire ways

Hands need more care than ever in winter. We'll tell you about the tools that can be found in any home and will help to quickly strengthen your nails. Let's find out how to quickly strengthen nails with affordable means at home. See simple recipes!

Use iodine for healthier nails

Iodine prevents delamination of the nail plate and nourishes the nail. However, it should be used with extreme caution. Iodine contains alcohol, which means that if used improperly, it can damage the delicate skin around the nail. But do not be afraid: iodine will only benefit you if you follow some rules:

  • Do not apply iodine in several layers;

  • Iodine should be applied only to the nail plate, avoiding contact with the skin;

  • It is best to apply iodine before bed. It will evaporate overnight;

  • Do not repeat the procedure more than once a month.


Paraffin wax: a secret ingredient to a perfect manicure

Wax sealing is often offered in salons. But this procedure can be done at home as well. To do this, you need to melt a little beeswax (it is best to do this in a water bath), and then rub the wax alternately into each nail with massaging movements. You can use wax every day. After a while, you will notice that your nails become stronger and healthier. Follow the link to know why are nails peeling.

Use lemon to keep your nails beautiful and shiny

Lemon juice has many useful qualities: it moisturizes, nourishes, whitens the nail plate, and also slows down the growth of the cuticle. Making a lemon bath is easy. Cut the lemon in half, squeeze the juice into a small, deep bowl and place your fingertips in the solution for 15 minutes. This procedure can be performed once a week.

Causes of weak nails:

  • Unbalanced diet;

  • Deficiency in the body of calcium and other trace elements such as iron and silicon;

  • Use of detergents and household chemicals without gloves;

  • Constant use of long-lasting coatings on nails.

Professional nail strengthening products

With Essie base, you can level the surface of the nail plate. Recommended for use undercover. Apply the product in one layer on degreased and narrowed nails, let it dry and only then proceed to apply two coats of polish.

Means for cuticles Apricot, Essie contains natural oils that moisturize and nourish the cuticle, making it softer and less visible. For best results, apply the oil to your cuticles several times a day. The oil can also be used to soften the cuticle before removing it.

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