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Christmas nails 2023: trendy and marvelous design ideas

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Every New Year we rush to buy gifts, update our wardrobe, prepare new dishes. And every time, you want something new and unusual. What outfit to wear, what hairstyle to choose? And what about a manicure?

The perfect manicure will expressively emphasize the taste and harmony of the owner. What design ideas will be trendy for Christmas nails 2023?

Stylish design ideas for Christmas nails 2023

The symbol of 2023 is the Metallic White Bull. A particularly stylish manicure is obtained from delicate snowflakes and frosty patterns on a metalized background. Since the color of the year is metallic, the emphasis in manicure should be on shiny elements.

A brilliant version of a sparkling and eye-catching Christmas manicure is best done using stones and sparkles, crystals, pixies and foil. Such nail art will look elegant and luxurious.

Drawing a symbol of the year is a great option. However, it is not an obligatory attribute of a festive manicure. The main thing is to use actual colors.

A golden hue will look great. You can make a spectacular finish using pieces of gold foil. The use of the mirror manicure technique will look no less attractive for the symbol of the year.

Christmas nails 2023 with shiny stars

A nail design with the image of stars will be the perfect option for Christmas nail design 2023. The popular decor is created using liquid glitter. A manicure with asterisks on one accent finger will look very interesting on New Year's Eve, or you can paint your nails in different colors - black, gray, white with glitter and paint them with stars with sparkles.

Christmas nails with winter landscape

A fashionable manicure depicting a snowy winter landscape will become a work of art. You can paint on your nails:

  • trees;

  • the mountains;

  • lanterns over benches and other winter drawings.


Scandinavian motives

Scandinavian patterns are fashionable winter nail designs. Images of animals in red and white colors are popular in Christmas nails 2023 design.

Knitted nail art 2023

Nail art with a voluminous knit effect is great for winter nails 2023. Also, this textured design can be applied to nails on New Year's Eve. To make the nails look as natural as possible, it is better to use a matte top.

Image of forest deer

One of the most trendy Christmas nails 2023 promises to be the image of a deer. It is enough to apply the drawing on one nail as an accent. It can be a silhouette, ahead with horns, or a complex design.

A glass of champagne

A new trend in 2023 is the volumetric image of a glass of champagne. This pattern looks best on long nails covered with a black or other dark top with a matte finish. Also, find out cuticle care rules to keep your nails neat for Christmas.

To create such a manicure, you need to draw a glass with a thin brush and fill its inner part with the base, previously mixed with sparkles. You can also use various rubs, yucca flakes and glitter varnishes for design.

Inscriptions on Christmas nails 2022

For a festive evening, you can create a manicure with inscriptions, and use your wishes for the text. The inscriptions can be made as an accent on a monochromatic manicure or combined with other techniques. The text is applied to the thumb, middle or ring fingers. Inscriptions will be combined with New Year's decor created with foil and kamifubuki. If you strive to have a perfect manicure for Christmas and looking for a nail salon in Burbank, contact us!


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