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Stylish nail design ideas for 2023

Unusual and bright ideas of fashionable manicure, and original novelties in design for different shapes and lengths of nails are already waiting for us in 2023. Are you a fan of intricate design, do you prefer extravagant long or almond nails, or do you like nails of bright colors? In the new season, there will be plenty to choose from - in this article, we will consider the brightest and most interesting nail designs of 2023.


Abstract nails 2023

If you are tired of the classic design of nails with patterns and drawings, and you want something bright and original, then you should take a closer look at the abstract manicure 2023 designs.

A diverse abstract print looks good on a short nail plate if you pick up concise drawings. And long nails will look stylish with varnish in bright colors and a matte finish.

Delicate variations of abstract manicure can be performed with bright floral motifs - half-blown buds, leaves, intertwined vines, and flowers. Colorful shades will fit well into an abstract design.

Among the fashion trends of 2023, foil prints on nails will also be popular. Glitter foil looks great in abstract nail art, and different colors and matte textures will add zest to such a design.


Quail egg nails 2023

The main advantage of this design is its versatility: the unusual coating of the nail plate in a small dot looks very stylish in combination with various techniques and decor, allowing you to create nail art options for every day and for an evening out.

The most fashionable in the trends of manicure 2023 for short and long nails will be the combination of the “quail egg” effect with the following design options:

  • gradient;

  • multi-colored holes;

  • sliders;

  • color block;

  • multi-colored rub;

  • foil;

  • stamping;

  • cobweb.

The combination of a similar pattern and bright shades of varnish looks very fresh and unusual on the nails. This design can be done in one color of varnish or several at once. Lemon, orange, mint, rich red, and bright raspberry coatings are very impressive. Spots can be located on all nails or on one as an interesting accent.

Another interesting idea is a quail design combined with a French manicure. In this case, the master can apply patterns in the smile zone or fill in the entire nail plate. French manicure with a quail effect can be performed in both bright and muted colors.


Gradient manicure 2023

Color transition nail designs are another modern trend in 2023. The gradient technique looks very unusual combined with sliders, stamping, potal, French, cobweb, and foil. You can use several colors of varnish at the same time, make a gradient design in the style of "negative space", or ombre with wide and thin stripes. Bright decor and a variety of drawings will help create the most unusual nail designs.


Fashionable moon manicure design for 2023

The lunar design, well known to many fashionistas, will be very popular in the summer of 2023, differing from last year's options with original ideas and new solutions, various patterns, and bright polish colors.

Fashion ideas include nude bases, geometric patterns, and sequins. Lunar nail art is desirable to perform with completely transparent holes, complemented by bright patterns, multi-colored stripes, shimmer, rubbing, and dividing the nail plate into sections of different colors.


Stylish manicure with inscriptions

You can tell others about your feelings or create a good mood in any situation with the help of fashionable nail design. An interesting idea would be nail art with letters or inscriptions. To do this, you can pre-select convenient stickers-sliders.

There are no special recommendations for choosing the inscriptions on the nail plate - choose for yourself what is better to write: it can be some kind of special quote, expression, or one word, a motivating phrase. Optionally, you can stick one letter at a time or focus on only one nail.

Trendy nail art looks great with a variety of inscriptions on the nail plate in combination with other original techniques - gradient, multi-colored holes, French, minimalism, matte finish, dots, and "negative space". An addition to such a manicure will be Yucca flakes, foil, crystal chips, rhinestones, and glitter. Actual colors are red, beige, blue, pink, brown, and blue.


Trendy French nails 2023

One of the top nail designs has not lost popularity for many seasons. In the coming season, this nail design will be replenished with the brightest options and interesting new designs. The main hit of the upcoming summer will be aquarium French and a crystal French manicure with metal foil decor, floral patterns, geometric prints, etc.

Iridescent crystals and rhinestones, foil, multi-colored kamifubuki, glitter, and Yucca flakes will help create the most interesting options for French manicure 2023. Instead of white polish for a “smile”, you can take a coating of burgundy, yellow, black, blue, or apply multi-colored sparkles to the tips of your nails.

Multi-colored sequins, kamifubuki, foil and iridescent rubbing will help give a special chic to the French manicure.


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