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Stylish ideas for GelX full set 2023

Aprés Gel-X extensions are soak-off gel tips that are particularly formulated to assure three weeks or longer of adhesion to a natural nail. It's a quick and simple technique that enables a straightforward removal using only acetone. Because the natural nail is gel-bonded, there is no odor, no dust, and no need to over-polish or file the natural nail. Additionally, a fresh set can be applied at two to three weeks without the need for a fill.

GelX nail designs 2023 have many variations and are represented by various nail trends. GelX nail trends are shown in a one-color solution, with drawings, decor, and matte and glossy solutions, with different plate shapes, and lengths.

You can give preference to natural shades and calm decor or patterns. Fashionable minimalism, nude nails, as well as mega-style geometry can be excellent in 2023.

For an evening and a special event, you can choose trendy gelX nails with rhinestones, glitter particles, pixie crystals, pieces of foil, or bright and spectacular kamifubuki, which in gel X design will be very amazing and elegant. Let's find out gelX nail design trends for 2023.


GelX matte nails 2023

The effect of a matte surface deserves special attention for fashionistas who want to perform chic, memorable, and fashionable gel X nails in 2023. Velvet nails can be complemented with a glossy finish for contrast; matte ombre nails or a moon design will look very fashionable. Fashionable matte gel X nails will elegantly complete your everyday set, festive, or business look.


Ombre gelX nails 2023

Creating a wonderful gradient on the nails is pretty easy if you get used to it a little, but the result will surely surprise you. In addition to the usual stretching of color diagonally and vertically, the pros demonstrate the top novelties of ombre gel X nails in the form of stripes - a linear gradient, in a separate section of the nail, as well as a gradient design with kamifubuki, drawings, and rhinestones for a special solemn design of marigolds.


GelX nails with inscriptions

An unusual option to decorate your fingers is to decorate your gelX nails with inscriptions in the form of words and letters. A rather unusual, but very trendy and relevant version of gelX nail design with words and letters, using different fonts and additional decor with foil, Yuki flakes, and glitter, which gives spectacularity and novelty.


Geometric gelX nails 2023

Conciseness is in the trend of nail design and the proof of this will be the newfangled gelX nails 2023 with geometric prints, which can be simple or complex, intricate or restrained. Each geometric design will be a great solution for business ladies and lovers of clear graphics in the form of lines and shapes on their fingers.


Floral gelX nails 2023

Flowers in the design of gel X nails do not lose their popularity, and, on the contrary, acquire new outlines and styles of floral motifs. Lovers of spectacular patterns on nails should choose large flowers with bright details, but flowers in mini and micro versions, with buds and twigs, complemented by rhinestones or pebbles, will be especially in trend.


GelX nails with twigs and leaves

You can transform a manicure in the new upcoming season with stylish twigs and leaves, which have become a trend in the design of gel X nails in 2023. Undoubtedly, nails with twigs and leaves are ideal for the autumn season, but fashionable designs can be with tropical leaves for summer, and twigs for spring and winter, choosing the shades of nails that are relevant for the season.



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