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Nails in Glendale: new trends and tendencies for 2023

Let's quickly look at the most amazing trends in the design and decoration of nails in 2023, which will surely inspire you to create a flawless manicure in different variations, both for an everyday look and for special occasions.

What nails in Glendale are trendy? Beautiful and top nail design ideas for 2023 for every taste are shown and described below.


Fashionable nail designs 2023: flowers on nails

The floral design is always relevant and in demand among fashionistas in every season: but still, there are little subtleties and tricks that distinguish the trendy 2023 nail design from last year.

You can ask a nail art guru to draw flowers on your nails, or you can use beautiful slider stickers with flowers for nails or apply stamping, which also looks elegant and charming on nails of any length.

Delicate motifs for fashionable nail design with flowers and twigs are in trend, which does not look flashy and pretentious. Either a manicure with flowers should be done in several large flowers or laconic small ones in a pleasant pastel palette and nude tones.


Trending nail design 2023: laconic geometry

When you need a simple, stylish, and also interesting nail design, which would be good for an office look, and for an ordinary weekday and an important meeting - in this case, choose a win-win geometry nail design.

The effectiveness of this design of nails will also largely depend on the chosen color shades - pleasant cream and beige, cheerful lemon and turquoise, spectacular emerald and blue.

Graphic lines that create different shapes, different thicknesses and intersect with each other can turn an ordinary manicure into an extraordinary and unique fashionable nail design for 2023.


Nails in Glendale 2023: broken glass nails

A memorable nail design is a great addition to any look. One of the unsurpassed and at the same time not so complicated manicure designs is broken glass, which is ideal for an evening and ceremonial exit, as well as for an everyday look.

You can use a foil film that is cut into small triangles, which will create an imitation of broken glass on the fingers.

For an elegant addition to the evening look, choose a dark nail design with broken glass. A delicate cream and beige tone in the style of broken glass will look great for daytime nail art.

Be sure to try this nail art in 2023, and you will not regret it!


Chic nail design with rhinestones 2023

Beautiful diamonds, rhinestones, and pebbles have always adorned the nails of lovely ladies in the best variations of fashionable nail design. The trendy nail design for 2023 is no exception.

Any nail art - flowers, cat's eye, French, ombre, can be supplemented with a couple or two beautiful pebbles.


Animal nails 2023

Nail art masters will practice animal color styling in bright and even neon colors for summer nails 2023. But for autumn and winter, it is better to choose patterns that are close to natural: leopard; tortoiseshell; zebra; giraffe; snake.

This design refers to extravagant and bright designs, so you should not use it on all nails. It is better to enclose the pattern in geometric shapes: circles, squares, stripes. And do it only on a few nails. You can even make a French manicure out of leopard spots if the everyday look allows such bright accents.


Foxy nails for 2023

In addition to imitating the skin of an animal, you can depict the animal itself. The fox is especially common in fashion designs. It is in harmony with the image of autumn leaves, cones, and twigs. But in order to smooth out the bright palette of the picture, it is better to paint on a transparent or beige basis.

However, the red fox is not the only option for a bright manicure for the fall. Those who haven't had time to say goodbye to summer looks will like images of a panda, giraffe, monkey, or any other cute animal on a bright orange or olive background. In this case, the drawing is done on 1-2 nails, and animal paws and floral prints will help to continue the theme on the rest.


Rain and snow nails 2023

Who said that it is impossible to cheer yourself up in rainy weather with a thematic pattern in the form of raindrops? It will not induce sadness at all. Rather, on the contrary - shiny droplets of silver or gold on a blue or even gray background will look very cute and bright.

Openwork snowfall during the winter cold will also look stylish. A manicure with such a pattern is refreshing and reminds us of a long holiday vacation, accompanied by the most pleasant events: gifts, guests, and parties.


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