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Luxury pedicure 2023: fashionable design ideas

Trends in manicure are often repeated in pedicure as well because ideally, the coating on the hands and feet should be done in the same style. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that the design of a pedicure and manicure match.

What will be the most fashionable pedicure design in 2023? We have collected for you fashionable pedicure design ideas that you can implement right now.


French pedicure 2023

French pedicure is elegant, graceful, and concise. No wonder this design has been relevant for more than the first season, and it is not going to lose ground in the future. Like French manicure, it is influenced by fashion trends: in addition to the traditional nude coating and the white “smile”, nail art masters offer color variations, a combination of French with other techniques and decoration.

Glitter pedicure 2023

Kamifubuki, glitter, and rhinestones will perfectly complement both a pedicure in bright colors and a modest nude coating. The most fashionable pedicure with glitter decor is a foil pedicure.


Geometric pedicure designs

And again, designers invite us to remember the lessons of geometry: lines, points, and shapes can be drawn or pasted, or you can use a recent novelty - a gel web to create a fancy pattern.


Matte pedicure 2023

Laconic matte pedicure is beautiful at any time of the year. In addition, matte varnish in many shades looks much more advantageous than in a glossy version.


Sea pedicure

Sand, pebbles, and seawater are by no means the best friends of a pedicure. To keep the color as long as possible without fading, apply a layer of super glossy top coat on your nails. As for design - choose bright colors and thematic drawings.


Nude pedicure 2023

Nude pedicure with gel polish is still at the top of the trends. This coating is universal: it is combined with any skin tone and shoes of all colors.


Fruit and flower pedicure

Summer manicure has always been distinguished not only by bright colors but also by colorful drawings. All kinds of berries and fruits, flowers and leaves - all this will add mood to your image and will be the highlight of any pedicure.


Holographic pedicure

This bright, original, and catchy design is a godsend for those who like to be in the spotlight.


Trendy pedicure colors 2023

The spring palette of nail polishes always strives for tenderness and pastel colors. In spring, the trend will be soft shades of lavender and mint, pale pink and pistachio, beige and pale blue.

But a fashionable summer pedicure prefers bright colors. And not just bright - neon shades are in trend!

The varnishes will become darker and richer in autumn 2023. Choose emerald, burgundy, deep shades of blue and purple, brown and black.


Dark pedicure 2023

A sophisticated version of the pedicure with muted and rich shades of gel polish is in trend for 2023. You can choose burgundy, emerald, black, blue, wine, plum, and chocolate shades of gel polish.

A beautiful pedicure in rich shades should definitely be supplemented with more delicate colors - cream, nude, and pastel, in order to "reveal" the depth of the main shade.

As a decor, laconic patterns in the form of curls, dots, lines, stripes, beads, and colored rhinestones are most appropriate.



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