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Fall nails: easy autumn nail art designs

What to do on long autumn evenings? Of course, manicure. We have collected dozens of stylish nail ideas for autumn. Most of us wish summer never ended but autumn has its perks too. You can make bouquets of bright leaves, walk in the rain, of course, experiment with makeup and manicure. You will find stylish options for fall nails in our article.


Fashionable fall nails: easy autumn nail design ideas

There is no strict definition of what exactly the autumn manicure 2022 should look like. Therefore, there are no clear rules on how to design nails from September to November. Only one thing can be said for sure: with the advent of the first cold weather, deeper and darker tones begin to attract us. Below are the main nail trends that are traditionally referred to as autumn.


Stylish nails with leaves

Multi-colored leaves are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to autumn nail designs. The first in the popularity rating are maple and oak leaves, but it is not necessary to be tied to a particular species. Fantasize and look for inspiration in our photo selection.


Trendy fall nails with animals

The most favorite autumn character is the fox. It is accompanied by owls, badgers, hedgehogs, and squirrels. It is important that the images are recognizable, so if you are not confident in your abilities, trust a professional master.


Autumn nails with mushrooms

Drawing mushrooms on nails is much easier than collecting them. At least, in this case, you do not have to understand their types: both toadstools and fly agarics look great on nails.


Fall nails with trees

Bare tree branches tune in a poetic mood not only in the autumn park - you can decorate your nails with their silhouettes. Create an entire canvas in an impressionistic style or limit yourself to a delicate and concise drawing - the result will be interesting in both cases.


Stylish nails with berries

Cranberries, lingonberries, mountain ash, sea buckthorn - all these berries, or rather their images, fit perfectly into the autumn nail design. In addition, they are very easy to draw: even a beginner can put a bright dot with varnish. It will be an interesting option for autumn manicure 2022.


Rain on the nails

Transparent gel polish will help to plausibly reflect the weeping sky on the nails. Make voluminous droplets on your nails with it. The silhouette of an umbrella will add realism to the picture.


Halloween nails 2022

A separate plot for the autumn manicure is everything related to the celebration of Halloween. Pumpkins, spiders, skulls, witches - any details you dare to are welcome.


Red fall nails

In the fall and winter of 2022-2023, dark varieties of red are more popular: wine, purple, ruby, burgundy, garnet, brown, and mahogany shade. Use any of them solo, and combine them with varnishes of other conventional autumn colors (they rhyme especially effectively with gold or copper). And at least once experiment with the finish: any of these shades in a matte finish will look fresh and elegant.


Green autumn nails 2022

As with red (and other colors from our list), muted variations of green are especially relevant in the fall. Olive, khaki, marsh, and moss shades are the favorites of the fall 2022 rating. But be careful with green polish if you have pale skin: most of the colors from this range will shade it in an unfavorable way. Opt for deeper hues such as deep turquoise.


Orange nails for fall

It is logical that in autumn the shades that are found in autumn nature come to the fore. And the main role is given to the flowers of fallen leaves - from mustard to carrot. Well, if a monochromatic look seems too boring to you, you can always add a little glitter.


Violet fall nails 2022

Plum, eggplant and indigo are the three main colors from the purple palette for autumn. Pastel colors that are associated with a warm cashmere sweater or scarf will also come in handy. They serve the same purpose - perfectly warm.


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