Cute nails for Thanksgiving that will make you trendy

Are you looking for stylish Thanksgiving nail art and DIY Thanksgiving nail designs? Or perhaps you want to take fashionable Thanksgiving nail design ideas to your nail salon and replicate one of these designs? This article is perfect for you if it describes you!


Marble Pumpkin Thanksgiving Nail Designs

Regardless of what type of occasion or event you're celebrating, marble nails are always a great choice.

Marble pumpkin manicure with a different color scheme on each hand is the most popular option. Try adding glitter to this design if you want to make it even more fashionable.

Another vibrant color combination that looks excellent on nails is black and orange.


Pink Nude Thanksgiving Nails

When it comes to Thanksgiving nail art ideas, there are a ton of options available, but nude nails are one of those designs where simplicity is perfect. Therefore, we advise choosing a timeless design that is always in fashion: pink-toned nudes!


Fall Leaves Nails

To make things easier for you, we suggest limiting your design to only two colors, such as orange and brown or green and brown.

Your design can also seem more intriguing if you surround the leaves with a white outline, which will make them stand out from the background even more.

It is difficult to imagine a beautiful autumn nail design 2022 without the use of patterns on nails with yellowed leaves. As before, autumn leaves remain relevant in Thanksgiving manicure. And if you are not sure whether such a manicure is suitable for the office, then our answer is Yes!

To do this, just keep a certain restraint of forms and a combination of polish colors. As a rule, the most appropriate here is a yellow-orange gamut with a muted green tint. And also brown manicure for autumn 2022-2023 is perfect for implementing the idea with leaves.